The Manufacturing Outlook

Automotive World

Sep 13 - 15, 2023, Chiba, Japan

AUTOMOTIVE WORLD is advacned automotive technology exhibition where automakers and TIer 1 suppliers visit to meet exhibitors. September edition was launched in 2022 to become the representative business platform for the automotive industry in the second half of the year.

Factory Innovation Week

Sep 13 - 15, 2023, Chiba, Japan

Factory Innovation Week is a combination of 3 exhibitions for future factory technologies. SMART FACTORY Expo - manufacturing DX technology/solution exhibition, RoboDEX – robotics & automation technology exhibition, and GREEN FACTORY Expo – green factory technology/solution exhibition compose Factory Innovation Week. The September edition is launching to become the representative business platform for the manufacturing industry in the year's second half.

The Advanced Materials Show

Oct 3 - 4, 2023, Columbus, OH

The Advanced Materials Show USA will showcase the very latest in high performance materials technology for applications including Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Semiconductors, Batteries, Electronics and Energy. Leaders in R&D, materials science and engineering will use the show to source the latest advanced materials; along with the scientific instruments and processing equipment necessary for the development, manufacture and processing of advanced materials.

Silicone USA

Oct 4 - 5, 2023, Detroit, MI

Silicone Expo USA is a first of its kind trade-show and conference for the silicone industry. This unique event offers a vital networking opportunity for all verticals of the silicone supply chain (of elastomers, resins, fluids and gels), providing a forum to do business face-to-face, both from within the industry and with diverse end-user markets.


Oct 4 - 5, 2023, Detroit, MI

North America's first dedicated exhibition and conference for the Industrial Tape and Functional Film Industries co-located with Silicone Expo. TFF provides all sectors of the industrial tape and functional film supply chain a unique opportunity to network face-to-face with leading suppliers and high yield end-users. Insights, innovations, R&D, education, and thought leadership discussions will be provided by peers from around the world at our technical conference.