Comau, a member of the FCA Group, maybe a worldwide leader in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems. Combining innovative engineering solutions with enabling technologies, Comau helps companies leverage the complete potential of digital manufacturing. The digital transformation is creating new market scenarios. In our experience, we've discovered that a lot of players have digital offerings, but only a couple of having a diary. thanks to a long-established global presence within the industrial sector, Comau is in a position to assist companies to exploit the potential of digital production. The experience allows us to supply better automated systems and products which combine innovative engineering solutions and enabling technologies. Comau is additionally adapting its product portfolio within the context of IoT, enriching it with new products and solutions, including a number of our most up-to-date products which can be featured in April at Automate 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Business-wise, we are witnessing and responding to growing attention to the services associated with our products.

Scenario – specialise in Human Resources

The digital revolution also necessitates a change of the business model, which is increasingly oriented towards services and fewer towards products and systems – a change that involves both multinational companies and SMEs. Our task is to guide companies of all sizes during this process, providing them with customized and easy-to-use solutions for factory automation. Over time, the worth of digital technologies (hardware and software) will gradually decrease, and that they will become more accessible. Therefore, the most important investments for the businesses are going to be in human resources, as workers got to be suitably trained to use enabling technologies and therefore the adaptation of the management structure within the businesses themselves.

With the digitalization of the economic system, the demand for figures like software analysts and designers, industrial designers, and application experts will certainly increase. They look for expertise is going to be more focused on the context of software than hardware, and therefore the ability to research and implement the method data collected by machines and robots are going to be a requirement. so as to coach the professionals of the digital factory, we'd like to vary the training model. Through the activities of our Academy, Comau is committed to providing the needed technical and managerial skills to its employees, but also to college students and up to date graduates who want to be trained within the field of Industry 4.0 and digitalization. For this reason, Comau extensively collaborates with the simplest Italian and international universities also like research institutes and important training schools.

The Importance of a worldwide Network for Innovation

Comau is teaming up with a worldwide partner network that permits us to constantly develop and expand our expertise within the industrial automation sector. This network includes multinational companies, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research centers. for instance, Comau signed a cooperation agreement with Ericsson, with the intention of exploring the potential of advanced IoT solutions for industrial automation. This consists of present and future 5G technologies, IoT platforms, Cloud and large Data solutions, so as to make original services and expand the efficiency and competitiveness of smart manufacturing, internal control, and maintenance.

Comau Approach

In regards to the longer term of digital manufacturing, Comau considers digitalization as a chance toward the technological evolution of factory automation which will also end in a far better balance between its use and therefore the contribution of humans, who remain the central and fundamental figures of the economic process, consistent with Comau (“Rightsized Automation”). The consequence may be a more efficient use of technologies and a far better human contribution within the production process: industrial machines are only used when needed; operators and machines are often destined to hold out the tasks they will perform within the best way.

Thanks to the technological developments of the fourth technological revolution, humans can now work on the brink of machines in complete safety, improving plant productivity and therefore the work conditions of the operators. Comau is facing the digital transformation through the fulfillment of its innovative concept of the factory, called manufacturing. With Comau’s approach, humans remain the central and fundamental figures within the entire production process, during which they need new roles and perform more rewarding tasks, with the support of enabling technologies. Comau’s objective is to eliminate the barriers causing limitations within the use of commercial automation solutions, making the utilization of digital products and technologies easier. We are responding to the evolution of the manufacturing industry by providing solutions, like the exoskeleton MATE to scale back fatigue, improving job quality, the high payload collaborative robot AURA for the security of those who work directly with robots, and therefore the automated guided vehicle AGILE1500.

Paolo’s Perspective

As a pacesetter during this transformative period, Paolo Avagliano, Head of Comau’s Digital Platform – NAFTA, believes that innovation and creating a vision within the company are key discussions that require requiring place amongst the leadership team. Once you create a vision for your colleagues, it creates a way of unity, empowering and inspiring development. it's also important to line energizing goals to assist promote accountability and deliver the proposed value proposition. A hiking and cycling enthusiast, I find myself to be driven by curiosity and adventure, seeking to explore challenges both in and out of the office. This enables me to specialize in the journey and be lean and agile to continuously adapt within a posh, transforming environment. Some advice I offer aspiring professionals looking to enter this career field is that it’s all about the mindset: explore new ideas and strive to be the simplest in school. It's imperative to be curious and constantly trying to find new concepts and solutions. In doing so, don't be passive to the environment; you want to evolve and transform together with your surroundings because once you change with it, you become fully integrated into the ecosystem of the corporate.