Employment of big data, increased online sales, and high packaging demand are three key trends that will transform the pulp and paper industry in 2020.

FREMONT, CA: Technology has widely contributed to the expansion of a global market consisting of consumers across the world devoted to sustainability. Therefore, manufacturers have sought options to petroleum-based products and have recognized alternatives that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Below are three trends that will alter the pulp and paper industry in 2020.

Use of Big Data

Another trend that is in play in the industry is the employment of big data. The use is for the function of analyzing industry trends and requirements to enhance the results of marketing, production, and sales. There is also the use of new technologies, including connected devices and intelligent systems, during the production process for better outcomes. Besides, the capabilities will continue to develop like smart systems that evaluate the state and quality of pulp and paper products. Analytics is also used to assess the growth and volume of trees that can be harvested for raw materials. Additionally, the use of big data is projected to expand in 2020 and subsequent years.

Increased Online Sales

The online sales of pulp and paper products are growing in China and the United States, which are the most important markets, and the trend is anticipated to continue in 2020. It is notably due to online shopping that has required change in packaging to optimize the performance of goods on shelves. The development comprises a higher demand for corrugated boxes and raw materials. Furthermore, there is also an expansion in the number of products that are required quickly with little lead time. This includes same-day and next-day product delivery services. From a production viewpoint, the aim is to implement services faster without losing quality.

High Packaging Demand     

In the current year, the global demand for different types of packaging products will either increase or remain stable. This includes production in China, Japan, Europe, and the United States. Also, a key strength of the industry is the ever-increasing demand for packaging products. The occurrence is spurred by the boost in online shopping and the outburst of commercial e-commerce endeavors in recent years.

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