Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s leading high-tech applied research institutions,  Industrial Technology Research Institute, are introducing AI, robotics, and ICT technologies.

FREMONT, CA: Industrial Technology Research Institute is Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s leading high-tech applied research institutions, which is planning to introduce AI, robotics, and ICT technologies at its CES 2022 and its virtual event site.

Industrial Technology Research Institute displays features that include the RGB-D AI Robot- the first collaborative robot that combines smart 3D vision as a built-in standard; the Autonomous Selfie Drone that is capable of flying itself to click pictures based on advanced photography techniques, and the Interactive Time Machine that automatically creates a unique real-time full-body 3D interactive avatar and experience by combining a user’s motion, 3D model, surroundings and display.

The innovative 3D vision sensing technology scans the object area in three dimensions and enables the robotic arm in identifying the appropriate angle for picking up objects based on their shape and arrangement.  Sorting and packaging items for smart automation in the industrial and transportation industries, as well as direct customer service in retail and service enterprises and healthcare, are all possibilities for the RGB-D AI Robot.

The RGB-D AI Robot also contains self-learning technology for quick, high-precision 3D object retrieval, which eliminates the need to rewrite control programmes to teach robots to recognise things, which can take up to two weeks. The RGD-D AI Robot can autonomously scan tens of thousands of training materials whenever a manufacturing line is altered or new materials are added, learning the appropriate handling approach in less than 12 hours. As the robotic arm improves in intelligence, it can recognise the pick-up or suction point for any new object. As a result, engineering expenses are drastically lowered, and production efficiency is considerably increased.

The RGB-D AI Robot has received 34 patents in 16 domains and has been transferred for commercial development to Techman Robot which is the world's second-largest collaborative robot brand and is also likely to target the market by March 2022.