Roger Szafranski, President, Palm Labs AdhesivesRoger Szafranski, President
Located in DeBary, Florida, Palm Labs Adhesives is a fast-growing provider of adhesive products for industrial, medical, construction, and consumer goods sectors. Founded in 1990 to manufacture cyanoacrylate in the U.S., Palm Labs has now become a successful ISO 9001:2015, ISO 10993-5, and Mil-Spec certified organization with a vast portfolio of adhesive products customizable to the exact requirements of its clients. Palm Labs Adhesives believes in the ‘science of the sticky,’ continually experimenting new ideas and innovating it products to meet the evolving adhesive requirements of its clients.

What secures its position at the helm of the adhesive industry is its robust range of meticulously developed products. Notably, Palm Labs Adhesives’ primary offerings—Turbo Fuse Cyanoacrylate and Turbo Lock Anaerobic Adhesives—are engineered with specific formulas and tested under stringent conditions to meet the most demanding industrial applications. These adhesives are designed to polymerize instantly using surface moisture, enabling them to set instantly. The cyanoacrylate products also come with fluorescent options, designed to make visual inspection extremely easy. The unique adhesives bond instantly at room temperature, making it versatile to be used on plastics, metals, elastomers, and wood materials.

The company is also known for its methyl methacrylate adhesives, which are optimized to meet the most demanding bonding requirements of the industrial sector. It also offers a robust anaerobic adhesive range, including threadlockers, thread sealants, retaining compounds, and gasket makers. Notably, Palm Labs is the first company to offer threadlockers and sealants in color-coded bottles, with purple being low strength and red being high strength. These products come with applicator brushes, making glue dispensing simple, clean, and quick. Such innovative and unique upgrades make Palm Labs Adhesives a market favorite for industrial clients all across the U.S and internationally.

“We are one of the very few companies to have manufacturing and supply chain exclusively located in the U.S., and this makes us immune to most challenges that companies depending on international supply chains face today,” states Roger Szafranski, president of Palm Labs Adhesives.
Equally interesting is the fact that Palm Labs Adhesives is freeing industrial clients from depending on overseas supply.

Along with cutting-edge equipment, the company has a reliable network of U.S. suppliers to meet its clients’ most demanding order requests.

The company makes this possible by streamlining almost every aspect of its production and supply chain, right from the procurement of raw materials and manufacturing to packaging, planning inventory, and shipping of products. Rather than ramping up production after the customers have placed orders, the company employs a smart inventory system with an algorithm that predicts the inconsistent demand spikes based on historical information of past orders. This allows Palm Labs Adhesives to stock up its products and have them ready to ship by the time clients place their orders.

These capabilities were a boon for the company to overcome the pandemic’s supply chain challenges without much hassle. Even when many other firms struggled to meet the delivery deadlines and maintain their shipping rates during the onset of the pandemic, Palm Labs Adhesives’ smart inventory system let them easily keep track of the demand and meet customers’ requirements.
  • We are one of the very few companies to have both manufacturing and supply chain located in the U.S., and this makes us immune to most challenges that companies depending on international supply chains face today

Today, as more industrial clients seek its high-quality and cost-effective adhesives, the company is bolstering its innovation and ramping up its production capabilities. In many cases, it is also providing clients with access to state-of-the-art machinery to develop their private label products. The company guides its clients through the entire process, including the label design, before initiating production. These orders can range from cyanoacrylates and threadlockers to methyl methacrylates and anaerobic sealants, which are presented in 2ML vials, pouches, bottles, aluminum tubes, and cartridges, each engineered and labeled as per the exact specifications of clients.

To further broaden its offerings, Palm Labs Adhesives is regularly taking note of customer feedback, based on which it is improving its existing product offerings. These initiatives only stand to show the extent to which Palm Labs Adhesives matches customer satisfaction with manufacturing efficiency, while also allowing clients to get any adhesive they need at competitive pricing.