Bruce Chinn CEO, Chevron Phillips ChemicalBruce Chinn CEO
Who doesn’t want their homes to continue looking pristine even many years after a paint job! Something as simple as a good coat of paint can take away all the dullness of a house and give it more vibrance and character for years. What isn’t simple is the chemistry behind ensuring such a long-lasting and even coat of paint.

Finding the right chemical solvent that can thin the oil-based paints to their intended texture is not as easy as it may appear. So, chemical companies are always pushing the bounds of their knowledge and technology to create the perfect paint thinners for smoother, long-lasting, and more beautiful paint finishing. In that regard, a chemical firm that often stands out from the crowd is Chevron Phillips Chemical. Founded in 2000 following the merger of two industry veterans, Chevron USA and Phillips 66, Chevron Phillips Chemical’s name in the industry is a symbol of trust, innovation, and integrity for chemical products. The merger enabled both the companies to combine their historic glories and domain expertise to scale new heights in the global chemical industry. Today, the company’s expertise lies in offering a broad range of solutions that not only beautify homes but also enhance different automotive, agricultural, industrial, medical, and pharmaceutical applications.

State-of-the-Art Olefins Manufacturers

Chevron Phillips Chemical is one of the major producers of olefin products across the globe. Olefins, such as ethylene and propylene, are a class of chemicals that are important building blocks for other chemicals, plastics, paint thinners, and fibers. Many consumer goods and materials, including tires, synthetic turf, carpet backings, gloves, and wetsuits, are also made from synthetic elastomers and latexes, and plastics—produced using olefins. Catering to such a dense market, Chevron Phillips Chemical is known for having cutting-edge manufacturing units for best-of-breed olefin products.

The company is especially popular for its high-quality polyalphaolefins (PAOs). Its PAOs—a uniquely designed chemical made from alpha-olefins—are an industry-leading product marketed under the name Synfluid. They are used in many synthetic products such as lubricants, greases, and fluids, earning their right as one of the most essential components in many industries and applications. The stability of the PAOs and their other performance characteristics make them a superior choice for a growing number of applications.

Driven by immense popularity, Chevron Phillips Chemical is always committed to meeting all the current and future PAO needs for its customers worldwide. To achieve this feat, the company’s Kingwood Technology Center houses the most talented Ph.D. chemists, laboratory technicians, and engineers. These domain experts are continually invested in developing products that meet or exceed each customer’s expectations. Working closely with our customers, this team is also dedicated to enhancing product quality, improving existing PAO technology, and helping develop new applications. World-Class Manufacturing Techniques for World-Class Products

When talking about Chevron Phillips Chemical’s global business dominance, the company is also regarded as one of the top suppliers of polyethylene in the world today. It produces high-density (HDPE), medium-density (MDPE), low-density (LDPE), linear low-density (LLDPE), metallocene, and masterbatches for a wide range of applications, including pressure pipe, soap and detergent bottles, flexible packaging, coating, and laminations, films, and more.The secret sauce behind this tremendous production capacity is Chevron Phillips Chemical’s MarTECH loop slurry technology. The breakthrough loop slurry process was formally introduced in 1961, and it immediately revolutionized the production of high-density polyethylene. Today, the company is responsible for its licensing, with more than 1,000 related patents and more than 80 licensed plants in 20 countries.

Coupled with that, Chevron Phillips Chemical is also the developer of a premier on-purpose benzene production technology, called Aromax. The process involves selectively converting light paraffin and naphthenes to hydrogen and aromatic products utilizing conventional fixed-bed reforming equipment.

Founded In 2000 Following The Merger Of Two Industry Veterans, Chevron Usa And Phillips 66, Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Name In The Industry Is A Symbol Of Trust, Innovation, And Integrity For Chemical Products

This technology, paired with appropriate feedstock, provides a superior ability to convert light hydrocarbons to aromatics and hydrogen. It is best suited to upgrade low-value feedstocks and/or for addressing a hydrogen shortage. This way, Chevron Phillips Chemical provides a consistent and reliable supply of high-quality aromatic hydrocarbons—such as toluene and benzene—to its customers around the globe.

“Sustainability at the Heart of Our Manufacturing Process”

Rooted in its long-standing commitment to sustainability, a major focus of Chevron Phillips Chemical is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of its workforce, the communities where they operate, and, of course, the environment. “Sustainability is embedded in our company strategy and across our organization,” Bruce Chinn, CEO of Chevron Phillips Chemical. Notably, the company takes great pride in the fact that despite having a chemical manufacturing plant located close to a scenic lake, its flora and fauna stay undisturbed, which is the home to many species of plants, birds, fish, and other animals.

Even the company’s products play an essential role in a lower-carbon emission and sustainable future. Recently, the company introduced Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene, made using advanced recycling technology and certified through the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification PLUS (ISCC PLUS) process. The advanced recycling technology enables their engineers to convert waste plastics into a new product line of high-quality circular polyethylene resins.

“Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene is a cutting-edge product that embodies our commitment to helping the world find sustainable solutions and eliminate plastic waste in the environment,” states the CEO. The company is presently targeting an annual production volume of 1 billion lbs. of Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene by 2030.

Alongside, Chevron Phillips Chemical is a company that thrives by placing the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers, and communities at the forefront of everything that they do. Its emphasis on safety is the reason it is able to build trust, enhance transparency, and increase efficiency across its global business. “Safety is our company’s top priority and one of our core values because we care about each other,” mentions Chinn. Backed by such ethos, the company has been consistently delivering top-quartile industry results in personal and process safety since its inception. In the last two decades, remarkably, Chevron Phillips Chemical has reduced its Combined Employee and Contractor Total Recordable Incidence Rate (TRIR), excluding Major Capital Projects, by 82 percent—which speaks volumes in itself. The company has even published a blueprint, “Our Journey to Zero,” to articulate its various Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHSS) strategies.

These proven capabilities have made Chevron Phillips Chemical a real catalyst for innovation in today’s chemical manufacturing domain. In the coming years, as much as Chevron Phillips Chemical desires to keep making strides in its business journey, they also want to continue embracing green technology on a greater level to maneuver demanding products that are more sustainable and have less impact on people and the planet.