Jeremy Axel, Co-Founder and CEO, Fluent ConveyorsJeremy Axel, Co-Founder and CEO
Conveyors have become an integral part of materials handling systems owing to its ability to facilitate their processes with increased speed, reliability, and safety. Several industries such as mining, automotive, agricultural, manufacturing, logistics, and packaging use conveyors as part of their production line. And since each business has different requirements, conveyor systems need to feature different add-ons and ancillary equipment to ensure proper functioning. A renowned engineering and manufacturing company in the U.S., Fluent Conveyors delivers custom conveyor solutions that are built with precision to shift bulk material effortlessly. “Our focus on high-end workmanship enables us to design bespoke conveyor systems that are cost-effective and high performing for a wide range of industries,” explains Jeremy Axel, Co-Founder and CEO, Fluent Conveyors. The company’s conveyors require minimal maintenance, integrate seamlessly with other handling systems, and possess enhanced safety features.

Fluent Conveyors engineers and manufactures a diverse range of conveyor systems including roller chain belt conveyors, slider bed conveyors, trough idler conveyors, and package handling conveyors. From pre-sales engineering to installation, Fluent Conveyors assists clients in every step of the way to solve every possible issue whether big or small. This process begins with a detailed system design meeting where the engineering and sales teams complete a pre-project kick-off call with a customer to gather all necessary information and gain a detailed understanding of their specific needs. Whether the goal is to build a new conveyor system or replace old equipment, Fluent Conveyors ensures that a client’s expectation is exceeded. Fluent Conveyors leverages leading-edge 3D CAD and automation tools to provide faster turnaround times. Prior to manufacturing, there is another project kick-off meeting to ensure that every single detail about the project is according to a client’s standards. Finally, each conveyor is tested, validated, and approved to verify structural and mechanical functionality before it is shipped.

Fluent Conveyor ensures that the conveyor system is installed with minimal disruption to a client’s operation. In addition to bespoke conveyor systems, the company also provides custom replacement parts, from motors to sprockets.

Our focus on high-end workmanship enables us to design bespoke conveyor systems that are cost-effective and high performing for a wide range of industries

For on-site installation and support, Fluent Conveyors utilizes its Dealer Network, which is critical to help deliver conveyor systems to clients around the globe. The company builds long-term partnerships with its dealers and this has helped position the brand better while also facilitating the ability to expand its core product offerings. Fluent Conveyors takes a lean and agile approach to all of its operations and its various departments are integrated to ensure they function as a cohesive group sharing a common responsibility toward the company.

Using a combination of the latest technologies in conveyor system design and extensive experience in engineering, Fluent Conveyors has successfully delivered projects to satisfied customers. In one instance, a Utah-based client needed a conveyor system with very sophisticated requirements. After six months of engineering and evaluation, the final product was developed. The conveyor system has been in operation for four years and has solved all the critical issues that the client was facing. Moving forward, Fluent Conveyors intends to expand its reach and the company is currently focusing on developing its infrastructure to support its growth. The company is also diversifying its portfolio and will enter new verticals that rely on conveyors. Alongside, Fluent Conveyors is expanding its dealer footprint into other areas outside the U.S. to meet the current demands in the conveyor industry. Continuous growth is a primary concern for Fluent Conveyors as the company continues to evaluate and implement strategies that are focused on enhancing the customer experience. Ushering the future of conveyor engineering and manufacturing, Fluent Conveyors continues to deliver custom conveyor systems based on operational requirements.