Indrek Jaal, CEO, GlobalreaderIndrek Jaal, CEO
A production unit’s paramount objective is always to manufacture goods in the stipulated quantity and with minimum wastage of time and materials. However, machine downtimes, haphazard production plans, and improper maintenance scheduling very well impede a company’s road towards achieving its manufacturing goals. Thus, OEMs are in dire need of solutions that can provide actionable insights on machinery and workflow elements to improve efficiency and collaboration between departments, plan for the future, and so forth. Figuratively, if the production floor is a jigsaw puzzle, automation powered by smart technologies is the missing piece that completes the puzzle. GlobalReader—a company that contributes a vital piece to this puzzle—invigorates the manufacturing floor by offering highly reliable software and hardware solutions, among other manufacturing processes, delivering valuable insights on its performance, any downtime, niggling disruptions, and maintenance.

In an interview with Manufacturing Outlook, Indrek Jaal, the CEO of GlobalReader, sheds light on some of the noteworthy trends within the industry, highlighting how the company supports its clients in overcoming complexities in the manufacturing space.

Could you provide us with a brief overview of the solutions that your company provides?

Based on the client requirements, our solutions can either be self-hosted or made available as a Subscription-as-a- Service (SaaS). These solutions offer instant notifications and aggregate data pertaining to downtimes, production plan development capabilities, maintenance scheduling, among other vital functions, thereby keeping the production floor at total capacity. The solutions also feature intelligent dashboards available from any device and advanced analytics for continuous improvements. One can monitor, plan, and maintain your shopfloor from your pocket, round the clock, without even being physically present at the plant. Such accessibility was particularly helpful during the current COVID-19 pandemic environment as it was not possible for the entire workforce and management to be present onsite for health reasons. Moreover, as the machines’ entire data flows through our solutions and are available in a user-friendly manner, clients can refrain from reviewing vast piles of papers and crunching data in excel sheets.

Could you tell us about the advantage and uniqueness that GlobalReader brings into the manufacturing sector?

First and foremost, with our solutions in place, clients have all the necessary data in hand and in real-time. Therefore, clients can take immediate and smart decisions to prevent any significant production delays, maintain equipment in optimum condition, and, most importantly, improve the entire production unit’s efficiency. Secondly, what makes us a highly reliable partner is that our solutions are investment-free and can be easily integrated by the clients themselves into the machine workflows. Within less than an hour of implementing the hardware, clients will start receiving notifications, and managers can begin improving relevant mechanisms to save time and money. As the machine data is readily available, it becomes necessary for the factory managers to react and make quicker decisions to any obstructions in the manufacturing process.

In each of our undertakings, we try to instill a data-driven culture while considering any key executive decisions in a production unit

Essentially, GlobalReader becomes the strong arm of the client and ensures that they are well-equipped for success.

What are the key takeaways from your engagements and collaborations with clients?

In each of our undertakings, we try to instill a data-driven culture while considering any key executive decisions in a production unit. Without the relevant data, manufacturers and production units will not be able to improve their efficiencies, introduce cost-saving measures, or make precise forecasts. This implies that bringing visibility and transparency into the workflows to ensure that everyone within the management having the same information is of paramount importance. To this end, our solution is the perfect answer for organizations looking to gain such actionable insights.

To bring out the story, could you share one or two case studies where GlobalReader has helped its clients overcome manufacturing challenges attain desired outcomes with your offerings?

According to me, our company’s proficiency in offering the best-in-business solutions is evident from our collaboration with a production company. In a bid to enhance their manufacturing processes and make them more efficient, the client wanted to begin measuring real-time data with cloud-based monitoring solutions. With our solution in place, the client was able to analyze the efficiency of the machines that remained equipped with the measuring devices more than ever before. By renting out the data aggregation/analysis devices to clients, we strike the right balance of profitability for the client, allowing them the option to procure more devices at scale.

In another case, our company was able to eliminate critical discrepancies in a client’s manufacturing site. After manufacturing one product, a particular set of machines required a whole new setup, which constituted an additional hour and a half to operate safely. With the help of our solution, the client identified that the procedure required a setup tool. Upon procuring the tool, the machines’ time to operate was reduced to 15 minutes, further testifying GlobalReader’s merits in improving manufacturing efficiencies.

Looking ahead, where do you see your company? What does the future hold for GlobalReader? Any geographic expansion plans in the works?

With such endless success stories, we aspire to grow without bounds. Having said that, we are already establishing ourselves as a three-in-one solution provider that encompasses real-time monitoring, maintenance, and planning functions. More importantly, we will continue to innovate and deliver smarter solutions to our clients, which can generate resourceful suggestions pertaining to critical business operations while saving both time and money for the clients.