Jason Jones, President, Hytek ToolsJason Jones, President
As ‘Industry 4.0’ matures, manufacturers across industries strive to shed inefficient practices and procedures to fine-tune their production capacity and improve their bottom line. To this end, Fiber lasers have gained considerable traction because of their seamless adaptability for numerous applications on metal cutting and processing workflows. Due to its compact designs, the light propagating in the fibers is well-shielded from the environment, enabling them to offer a large gain bandwidth, wide wavelength tuning ranges, and the capacity to generate ultra-short pulses. Besides operating at high power with great efficiency, fiber lasers can cut reflective materials such as copper, brass, and aluminum without the risk of reflections; they could also easily cut through thick materials like steel. Yet, one of the great benefits of fiber lasers is the precision of the beam in avoiding any damage to the surrounding material of the object being operated on.

However, while procuring such quality fiber laser machinery/equipment stands as the primary concern for the metal fabricators, the safe delivery of these large and oversized pieces of machinery across the U.S. can be a nightmare as well. For instance, the logistical and on-time support challenges dissuade metal fabricators from opting for fiber lasers. With a huge price tag that can go up to half a million dollars, metal fabricators understandably require seamless delivery and impeccable support for the fiber laser equipment. At this juncture, a Minnesota-based company—Hytek Tools—rises to the occasion with top-of-the-line fiber lasers that render unmatched efficiency for processing carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum products. Along with lasers, the company offers easy-to-learn Computer-aided design (CAD), Computer-aided Machining (CAM) solutions, and other automation equipment to fast track the manufacturing practices of its clients. “We offer the most comprehensive and lengthy warranty in the laser industry and help our clients take their manufacturing goals to the next level,” says Jason Jones, President, Hytek Tools.

A Family-owned Business that Breathes Brand, Quality, and Cost-effectiveness

Founded in 2014 by Melissa Jones and her husband Jason Jones, Hytek Tools has rapidly made a name in the manufacturing and production industry with its high quality and cost-effective fiber laser machines and unparalleled support to clients. The company’s promise of quality support starts with delivering the product itself. After a final assembly in Minnesota, the Hytek team travels to the clients’ location to stand alongside the product during delivery to present a hands-on demonstration of its laser machines to the clients’ team, enabling them to be up and running in no time. “When you meet clients’ machine operators in-person, on day one, it immediately establishes the future technical support channel, creating a seamless two-way communication. This has been our formula for success since foundation and has proven to be crucial in building a prosperous relationship with clients,” says Jones.
Another value-add for the clients is the highly competitive prices of Hytek’s machinery. The company employs several measures to enhance customer satisfaction while being cost-effective. For instance, it does not rely on expensive rigging and trucking companies to deliver its products to clients. In contrast, Hytek Tools utilizes its resources to deliver equipment to clients, offering products at a competitive price with greater efficiency. Besides, headquartered in Central Minnesota, operation costs are much lower for Hytek Tools than many other more populated and economically inflated facility locations. This centralized location enables the company to set up equipment and provide a demonstration on the same day across the U.S. with an average truck route of fewer than 12 hours and flight time less than 2 hours.

Further, Hytek Tools operates with a lean workforce that carries a smaller payroll expense than its larger counterparts. Cumulatively, all of these aforementioned aspects help the company deliver better support and save additional dollars for its clients. “We focus on quality rather than quantity and thereby deliver in less volume than our large competitors. This enables our technicians to free up more ‘one-on-one time’ with each client for support,” adds Jones.

The Best-in-Class Products

In addition to such diligent support, Hytek Tools upholds its products’ highest stands of quality and durability. Jones goes on to explain that investing in laser equipment is often expensive for clients. Hence, they need products that can provide longer life cycles while being efficient enough to realize the return on investment (ROI) quickly. Accordingly, the company provides its clients with the highest quality products to enhance the proficiency of its clients’ manufacturing processes. “Longevity is basically the mileage that clients are going to achieve out of our machines. That’s why we focus specifically on quality and protection of the products,” adds Jones. The company uses Yaskawa motion controllers, which are regarded as the best motion controllers in the world of automation. Additionally, as the laser source is considered as the heart of fiber lasers, Hytek Tools’ machinery employs IPG Laser Source to deliver maximum benefits to clients and ensure a longer life cycle for the equipment.

We offer the most comprehensive and lengthy warranty in the laser industry and help our clients take their manufacturing goals to the next level

Collectively, Hytek Tools renders the best ROI for its clients. The company’s cost of entry, product value, and support act as a trifecta of superior experience for almost all of its clients. “There is not a better solution for industrial metal cutting in production or prototyping than our products,” states Jones.
Moreover, the company’s unique approach to documenting its products through video and photos enables the clients to familiarize themselves with the products through social media, the website, or other marketing channels. “Our clients have a complete picture of our products and its capabilities even before they contact Hytek Tools,” mentions Jones.

Delivering Enhanced Value than Traditional Systems

As the metal fabrication industry is replacing their plasma machinery with laser, owing to the latter’s accuracy, precision, and speed for cutting metal, Hytek’s lasers are gaining impetus among metal fabricators across the U.S. With the company’s laser machinery, clients can increase production by a hundred percent a just by replacing a single machine. “Fiber laser uses much less energy to operate compared to its alternative counterparts such as plasma. The biggest advantage over plasma is the much higher resolution cutting accuracy,” informs Jones. He substantiates this argument with the success story of an Ohio-based client that wanted to increase its production output. After consulting Hytek Tools, the client let go of their plasma machinery and adopted Hytek’s machines, which helped them increase their production output by 300 percent in the first year.

Several such examples are a testament to Hytek Tools’ unrivaled products and support services. With its sheer dedication and commitment to delivering quality products and support services, the company has been climbing the ladders of success each year. In the future, Hytek Tools plans to create its laser source, in-house, focused on redundant protection systems that would enhance the durability of Hytek’s lasers by greater folds. “We will launch Laser Source with a three-year warranty, which is the best and longest warranty in the industry,” says Jones. Like Hytek Tools’ other products, this laser’s technology and introductory costs will be competitive compared to existing laser sources.
  • Longevity is the mileage that clients will achieve out of our machines. That’s why we focus specifically on the quality and protection of the products

By achieving these definitive milestones, the company aims to expand into aerospace, auto manufacturing, and others to help them improve their production capabilities. Hytek Tools is also eyeing global footprint expansion and has started working on some of its upcoming projects in Australia and India. The company aims to expand its team and add more technicians, operators, and salespersons to the workforce from the long-term perspective. “We have always been a value-minded company that just continues to refine excellent products for manufacturing, and we will continue to innovate in order to help our clients improve their bottom line,” concludes Jones.