Jim Dorn, CEO, Mechanical PowerJim Dorn, CEO
Ever since the pandemic knocked down the industrial world to its knees, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have been trying to get back on their feet by rethinking their strategies. In many cases, the unexpected nature of lockdowns and the consequent shutting of manufacturing plants have also caused significant disruptions in the OEM supply chain. Amid such a scenario, a top tier global sourcing company—Mechanical Power—is positioning itself as an anchor for struggling OEMs, helping them re-establish their broken supply links. The company is supporting them with its industry-leading services, including global sourcing, domestic manufacturing, reverse engineering, supply chain management, inventory management, and product kitting/assembly.

“We are nimble and flexible, catering to different requirements of OEMs and other clients from a broad range of industry verticals like agriculture, automotive, conveying equipment, lawn and garden, etc,” says Brent LaLonde, the president of Mechanical Power. According to Mr. LaLonde, OEMs are increasingly facing new challenges while importing products. “Despite the large teams and resources found at OEMs, many are finding it harder and more frustrating to efficiently import products. Reasons for this span from geopolitical matters and supply chain/logistics/weather related bottlenecks out of everyone’s control,” he says. This is where Mechanical Power comes in, helping them break free from constraints and achieve top-quality sourcing at competitive costs.

Delivering the Right Products at the Right Time

Mechanical Power’s strongest suit is in its extensive network of highly-qualified domestic and international manufacturers that deliver the right components at the right time. Backed by these partners, Mechanical Power is able to source a wide range of mechanical parts and engineering components (bearings, castings, stampings, fasteners, injection moldings, chain, sprockets, pulleys, sheaves, CNC machined parts, hydraulic cylinders, etc.) to meet the constantly changing demands of industrial clients.

While sourcing products for clients, the company also gives utmost importance to component quality. With a knowledgeable and experienced quality control team actively inspecting and evaluating every incoming product, Mechanical Power leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that all components conform to clients’ exact specifications. Thus, the company eliminates the need for its clients to conduct additional inspections and ensures maximum cost savings.

Guiding Customers toward Sustainable Sourcing Success

Mechanical Power places its stakes on communication as the key to a lasting partnership. Indeed, all its collaborations begin with understanding the customer and their requirements. At the same time, Mechanical Power ascertains that the clients are well aware of the company’s capabilities and value proposition, so that they know what they can expect from Mechanical Power. This also includes the samples procedures, where in Mechanical Power provides a small batch of the required components for client inspection.
PPAP Level III’s, control plans and PFMEA’s are commonplace for new business initiatives at Mechanical Power. Only after the clients are satisfied with the initial process, Mechanical Power moves ahead with its team of engineers, quality managers, and global sourcing specialists to evaluate the component needs and provide them with the best-in-class part sourcing options.

In case the required design information or part specifications are not available for a client, Mechanical Power’s engineers use a reverse engineering process to deconstruct a specific part and recreate the exact drawings for manufacturing the components. A case in point is when Mechanical Power worked with a well-known OEM in the lawn care equipment industry. After buying components and parts from several different manufacturers, the OEM realized that they were paying too much for parts, which often did not meet their standard requirements. Although the OEM wanted to shift to a different supplier, they did not have the documentation or drawings for the parts.

Mechanical Power had a fix for this. The company procured several samples of the required parts and analyzed them to create the necessary specification documentation to manufacture the components. Mechanical Power not only helped the client develop accurate blueprints for the components but also facilitated a seamless shift to a single supplier, saving them over 30 percent in annual spending. Rather than having more than 100 parts sourced from over 50 vendors, the client now depends on Mechanical Power for all their sourcing needs.
  • We are nimble and flexible, catering to different requirements of OEMs and other clients from a broad range of industry verticals like agriculture, automotive, conveying equipment, lawn and garden, etc.

This is but one instance where Mechanical Power has ‘struck multiple birds with one stone.’ Propelled by such unique and innovative sourcing approaches, the company is quickly fueling its growth in the sector. The company has laid out several acquisition plans, which will further enhance its capabilities in the OEM sourcing space.

In the years ahead, Mechanical Power will ideally bring manufacturing under its umbrella, which will further simplify and enable it to shift focus from low volume supply to large volume production. Most importantly, the company will facilitate continuous improvement of people and processes in the manufacturing industry, thus augmenting its arsenal to deal with new challenges as they occur.