Complaints about product packaging are nothing new to the FMCG industry, but they are getting louder. Retail consumers often cite difficulty in opening packages as one of the most challenging parts of using a new product. Since opening mechanisms constitute a significant cause of consumer frustration, manufacturers can no longer shy away from this issue. Miracle Packaging, a packaging and container design firm, comes to the rescue with an easy-open, easy-to-dispense packaging solution. Their packaging solutions provide significant benefits compared to existing flexible packaging already in the market. The Miracle Packaging platform offers a flexible solution for a wide range of packaging options - from family packs, sampling and promotional packs to sachets, single-use applications, reusable applications, and more. Their packaging solutions are ideal for almost any type of product, including liquid, semi-liquid, and dry products.

Pieter A. Weyts, Founder and President of Miracle Packaging, developed this innovative packaging platform after being challenged by a small container of salad dressing during a long business flight. Not only did he struggle to open a small container of salad dressing, but he eventually spilled it everywhere.

So Weyts designed a flexible package that was easy to open and allowed for controlled dispensing of the contents. “Flexible packaging was still in its infancy when we started, but over the years, manufacturers have gradually replaced a range of containers with nonoptimal flexible packaging,” mentions Weyts.

We add more value to the product as our packaging creates a great level of customer satisfaction

Miracle Packaging’s conical design optimizes the product experience by keeping the package in the upright position after partial use. The design features an easy-to-remove tear-off tab and once the consumer opens the pack, contents can be easily dispensed in a precise and squirtfree manner. In addition, environmentally friendly Miracle Packaging uses fewer materials and its lightweight films can be utilized for different consumer product lines. Manufacturers can make use of their existing form fill seal machinery to fill Miracle Packaging so new equipment investment is not necessary. However, during the filling process, machines need to be set to accommodate the conical bags.

As the flexible packaging industry has been evolving rapidly in the last few years, Miracle Packaging foresees enormous opportunities ahead. The company is now utilizing more recyclable materials and is focused on sustainability. In addition, they are expanding their base with partnerships for licensing and other ways to leverage their innovative IP.