Manufacturers need to have a firm grasp on the working conditions and the operational statuses of their machinery to increase productivity, revenues, and profit margins. These machinery work in a complex production environment, where data collection and processing from each equipment is usually a tedious task. Automation of this data collection and processing is the need of the hour. Today’s “smart” factories can easily monitor their equipment with the use of IoT and machine-to-machine communication. However, digitally transforming factories to adopt such new-age tech brings its own challenges. Digital transformation becomes challenging owing to different equipment, processes, and information systems. Still, there is one noteworthy company that aims to bring simplicity in this complex production environment – Miraitek.

The name Miraitek stems from the Japanese word “Mirai” meaning future, and “tek” for technology. A spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, Miraitek was founded by professors of the institute and entrepreneurs from the field of manufacturing. “We want to generate value for our clients by bringing research competencies from Politecnico di Milano combined with the experience of entrepreneurs working in the field of manufacturing automation together with selected technical partnerships” says Sergio Cassinelli, General Manager, Miraitek. Through this expertise, the company has been able to create its own platforms and services to integrate with different machines and equipment in any production environment.

Miraitek’s platform, is an easy to install tool that does not require any code changes to model different customer environments. The platform is designed to collect and visualize data in real time from all connected machines and equipment enabling remote monitoring. Dynamic configurations functionality allows customers to design and customize their indicators, dashboard, and analysis algorithms. Customer’s environments can be represented in the system on different levels ranging from sensor to machine, to production lines, to the whole production plant. This allows customers to navigate and drill down through the levels according to their needs. The platform is designed to enhance machine communication and provide realtime information of the machine’s status to the user. Machinery manufacturers can store data of the machine’s usage history, which in turn, helps improve the engineering of the machines. The products Mirai4Maintenance and Mirai4Predictive use this data for predictive maintenance of the machinery to optimize intervention and prevent downtime increasing therefore customer’s productivity.

We want to generate value for our clients by bringing research competencies from Politecnico di Milano combined with the experience of entrepreneurs working in the field of manufacturing automation together with selected technical partnerships

The product Mirai4Energy further helps in increasing a plant’s efficiency through its energy consumption monitoring capabilities. Moreover, other products are available for sustainability and quality improvement. The usage of the combined platform functionalities can improve client efficiency by more than 20%.

In addition, Miraitek4.0 furnishes assessment and consultancy services to its clients. Miraitek4.0 offers different assessment and consultancy services that spans from Technological Assessment through a complete digital maturity level. Consultancy services helps customers to analyze and improve the efficiency of their machines and their production plants. Moreover, the company offers Assessments that help in charting out a roadmap for the digital transformation process including Life Cycle Assessments. Miraitek4.0 helps its clients define and change their business model to open new business opportunities, find the best solution to improve their operating activities, revamp their machinery and become part of the circular economy.

The products of Miraitek have been widely adopted by many factories in the world going from India to Europe and Americas providing services to companies doing business in different markets. Current customers installations are managing more than 126 machines, 486 stations and more than 50.000 Data Points. This helps companies around the world to monitor and improve their daily production processes from 10% up to 22%.

The reason Miraitek’s clients have been able to achieve similar growth in daily productivity is because the Miraitek’s platform efficiently orchestrates the existing software systems of the machines and the processes around them. Miraitek4.0 aims to exploit usage of machine learning and AI to further strengthen their platform and become the champion of Industry 4.0.