Domenic Trapassi, VP of Sales, NA, POLYRACK TECH-GROUP Domenic Trapassi, VP of Sales, NA
As an integrated technology partner for electronic packaging solutions, POLYRACK TECH-GROUP is a one-stop-shop for a range of solutions and services. Serving the market for over four decades, POLYRACK’s innovative product portfolio offers clients the economic advantages of volume production and high quality. With in-depth knowledge of mechanical and systems engineering, plastics technology, and surface finishing, the company excels in providing customized tailored products and individualized solutions for each client. Leveraging such diverse capabilities, POLYRACK has assisted clients in numerous fields, including telecommunication, defense and aerospace, oil and gas, and medical technology.

Typically, clients approach POLYRACK to provide physical embodiment or packaging for their solutions, be it electronic or security solution. “Because our customer base is varied, we take the time to understand their unique needs to make their product viable,” says Domenic Trapassi, VP of Sales, NA, POLYRACK. At this point, the company’s engineering, project management, and program management teams engage with the client to identify their needs. Once done, POLYRACK works toward solving client problems by creating a design that will be beneficial to the client and viably manufactured by the company. “Unlike contract manufacturers, we go in and understand the client’s problems and the usage of their product to help them design the packaging solution as required in a cost effective as well as repeatable manner.”

Among the vast array of solutions that POLYRACK provides, the standard product range is quite popular. This range includes 19-inch subracks, cases, front panels, and plugin modules, which can handle both standardized and customers-pecific areas. “Starting with individual components all the way to a fully functional completed product, we offer the highest quality to our clients,” says Trapassi. Similarly, the company’s vast portfolio in manufacturing includes sheet metal, aluminum castings, injection molded plastics, and electronics such as printed circuit boards and assemblies.
Interestingly, the company manufactures all the products in its facilities right from the beginning, which gives clients an added advantage by constantly monitoring processes involved in the manufacturing of every product. “We not only design a particular product but also design and develop the tools required for their production, which is very rare in the industry,” adds Trapassi.

Starting with individual components all the way to a fully functional completed product, we offer the highest quality to our clients

Testimonial to the company’s prowess is a client’s success story from the semiconductor industry that wanted a solution for a ruggedized lab-ready industrial computer that can run their software. The client wanted to offer the computer as a turnkey solution and required it to be UL certified. POLYRACK designed a custom product based on their needs with their logo on it in a cost-effective manner. “Our success with the client was born not only from our ability to cater to their needs but also from providing additional value by providing them panel PCs to go along with the industrial PCs. We provided a custom solution for panel PCs again with their branding on it,” says Trapassi.

Continuing with the same track record, POLYRACK is working on new standard products to keep up with the evolving needs of automation. The company plans to introduce standard offerings that are up to date and more configurable for clients. Importantly, POLYRACK will remain focused on expanding its capabilities and expertise in various areas to offer custom product development services to clients. “For us, our capabilities are our calling cards rather than a product and we want to move ahead with the same idea,” says Trapassi.