Emir Avdić, Chief Operating Officer, Sebright ProductsEmir Avdić, Chief Operating Officer
Avital component of the manufacturing workflow is the efficient management of waste materials generated during production. With regulatory boards coming down hard on these factories and OEMs to maintain eco-friendly operations, it is essential to seek viable partners that aid in effectively recycling the residual substances. Family operated Sebright Products is one such company with an experience of over thirty years in creating and building recycling equipment for manufacturers. “Our name is on the product, and we are very conscious of the quality for both the products and services we offer,” states Stuart Sebright, COO at Sebright Products. The recycling equipment solution and services provider attributes this promise of quality to the trust and dedication of its management staff, many have been at the company since its inception.

Sebright also designs and builds custom machinery for specific use cases, in addition to creating and delivering a holistic range of ready to use recycling equipment for goods such as paper, plastic, and glass. In one such instance, the company first conceptualized and fabricated it’s EPS (StyrofoamTM) Densifier based on a special request by a local company. While foam is a relatively light-weight commodity, the recycling of the same proves to be cumbersome and often requires compacting units that are developed for the particular purpose. At the time, the client required a densifier that was larger than the unit it had in use and approached Sebright to design and manufacture it for them. Sebright collaborated with the client and initialized the project by sharing engineered drawings of a new densifier before putting it into production. Prior to the installation of the larger densifier, the client was not able to keep up with their volume of EPS and shipped many lightloads of ground foam on a transport vehicle. After the Sebright Densifier was installed, they send out full loads of 19 to 20 tons. “Most foam is less than one pound per cubic foot, and after compression through one of our densifiers, the final product is 18 to 22 pounds. This is a huge difference in density, and hence the name, Densifier,” says Stuart.

Our name is on the product, and we are very conscious of the quality for both the products and services we offer

In 2018, Sebright began a comprehensive research and development program in partnership with JWR—an equipment dealer and service company from Wisconsin to solve issues identified in many closed door balers. The end result is the BaleWulf line of horizontal balers that include four differently designed products, mitigating issues that most clients face with a closed-door baler system. “We partnered with JWR because we understood the service experience. Their business provided decades of baler knowledge that we would have had to learn,” comments Stuart. In addition to joining forces with local companies, Sebright has also partnered with Avermann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co., an equipment manufacturer from Germany, to expand its business operations into Europe and offer Avermann’s auto-tie balers here in North America.

The company also offers on-site support services for the maintenance of varied appliances, alongside developing and installing recycling equipment. With a pragmatic overview to recycling equipment production, Sebright oversees the whole lifecycle of a product from the cradle to the grave. In certain cases,the company also works on compactors and machinery from other brands, assessing their functioning and feasibility for specific operations. Most recently, to improve its manufacturing, service and support, Sebright Products expanded its manufacturing facility to include a 15,800 square foot climate-controlled space. The production space, houses an overhead crane with a 30-ton load capacity as well as a 10 by 25-foot plasma table and machining center. Heading into the future, Sebright plans to continue investing not only its financial resources but also its time in building solutions that will enable manufacturers to maintain cleaner and safer working environments.