Dave Hale, CEO, Smart SourcingDave Hale, CEO
As global manufacturing requirements continue to increase and manufacturers are incumbent on remaining lean, contract manufacturing emerges as a go-to solution for many companies in today’s highly dynamic business environment.

While small businesses and startups can save on overhead costs by leveraging these services, larger enterprises use contract manufacturing to simplify and streamline their complex production process. Unfortunately, many contract manufacturers are asleep at the wheel when it comes to aligning with manufacturers needs today. From the lack of technical expertise, inadequate project knowledge to poor decision making and lack of proper communications the contract manufacturing space has its challenges.

Add in the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the manufacturing and logistic sectors hard, creating significant supply chain issues and delays in delivering goods. This is where Smart Sourcing International (SSI) makes a world of difference. Since its founding in 1996, SSI helps their customers navigate the unique challenges associated with contract manufacturing. Based in New York, SSI leverages their 60 years of engineering and manufacturing experience through a wide range of outsourcing services.

At the core, Smart Sourcing is full-service outsourcing and consulting organization that specializes in helping manufacturers meet their global manufacturing and product development needs. “We’ve created a system that offers cradle-to-grave solutions to manufacturers, ranging from managing their product design and development, full-scale production, quality control, and more importantly logistics,” said Dave Hale, CEO of Smart Sourcing. “At Smart Sourcing, we’re not a broker or a middleman, but a true sourcing partner.” This philosophy has positioned SSI is a natural fit for many companies in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.

SSI’s experience and extensive global manufacturing infrastructure provides both a strategic and cost-effective benefit to their customers. SSI works side by side with their customers, effectively ‘eliminating risk and exposure’ in the contract manufacturing process. SSI’s powerful value proposition has allowed the company to evolve into one of the world’s leading outsourcing companies that cater to numerous industries and products — from industrial metals and plastics manufacturing to high-tech consumer electronic and medical devices.

Creating a Unique Operational Path

With over five decades of experience in manufacturing, Smart Sourcing has been able to streamline the outsourcing processes and minimize the risks. What makes the company unique is not necessarily WHAT they do but HOW they do it. From the very first conversation SSI’s engages their customers honestly; with candor and openness. SSI immediately puts their clients’ needs first and look for solutions that add value to clients’ operations. As Hale mentions, “These values are the fundamental prerequisites for permeating any business collaborations, and at Smart Sourcing, we maintain them in our engagements with customers.” They also help the firm facilitate seamless and risk-free execution of the operations and establish long-term relations with clients.

These strong values differentiate Smart Sourcing from the crowd and pave the way for a relatively unique approach to engaging with its customers. In instances where SSI identifies that its services do not fit a client’s specific requirements, it readily refers them to another company.

Smart Sourcing’s dedication to fulfilling its customers’ needs by either providing its offerings or helping customers meet their needs through another firm is unprecedented. However, SSI’s exceptional approach develops a deep trust between the company and customers. Ultimately SSI becomes an extremely reliable partner whose sole aim is to help clients thrive. “We strive to manage our clients’ expectations and bring value in everything we do.”Hale emphasized “We believe that our VALUES create Long-term VALUE - and our customers agree!”

Leading the Game with Unrivalled Expertise

In addition to the values and services that it brings to the table, Smart Sourcing is also appreciated for its in-depth expertise in the manufacturing. Supported by a team of engineers and experts who understand the complexities of outsourcing, SSI understands their customers’ challenges. The team at Smart Sourcing works directly with their clients to comprehend these challenges and requirements and determine an ideal solution.

We’ve created a system that offers cradle-to-grave solutions to manufacturers, ranging from managing their product design and development, full-scale production, quality control, and most crucially, logistics

SSI firmly adheres to the idea of teamwork and encourages customers to express their suggestions and opinions candidly. “We believe clear communication on both sides leads to superior results,” said Hale.

Elaborating further on Smart Sourcing’s value proposition, Hale mentions several instances where the company assisted many of its clients to recuperate from huge losses incurred during the pandemic. Especially those customers whose sales dropped down to 40 to 50 percent were able to bounce back and make a rapid recovery by virtue of their collaboration with Smart Sourcing. “Our account representatives and customer service teams were in constant contact with our customers during the pandemic, finding solutions and work around.” said Hale.

Customers could rely on SSI to work with them to develop relevant solutions. In some instances, where clients had a significant hike in sales during the pandemic, the company leveraged its manufacturing capabilities to scale up production to meet the increasing consumer demand.

In Focus: Customer Centricity

Dedicated to adhering to its business values and meet clients’ requirements, Smart Sourcing’s collaborations with customers are highly dependent on frequent and detailed communication. A typical client engagement begins with the team at Smart Sourcing gaining a clear understanding of their requirements in the most precise manner. The time spent in establishing this initial communication helps in building trust, honesty, and candor between the company and clients. SSI found that their transparency in communication builds trust.

SSI’s honest exchanges of accurate information bring in a win-win situation. Customers can have their products cost-effectively manufactured in a way that exceeds their expectations while SSI continues to build on their reputation in the industry.

According to Hale, Smart Sourcing’s success is also the result of its team and their passion for innovation. With employees who are experts in manufacturing, SSI is always able to find a solution and resolve clients’ challenges quickly. Technical expertise is another aspect that sets SSI’s team apart from the rest. “Our program managers hold decades-worth experience and in-depth engineering expertise to identify the best way to manufacture a product by keeping cost, time and material waste as low as possible,” adds Hale. For instance, Smart Sourcing recently collaborated with a client who wanted to manufacture a safety device that goes into household water heaters. With several electronic devices embedded into the equipment, the client initially wanted to make the product waterproof. However, in the company’s initial assessment, it identified the need for fire-resistant material in manufacturing the product for the client. The team at Smart Sourcing leveraged their technical expertise to figure out the best suitable material and design for the customers’ requirements. Ultimately, SSI assisted the client in enhancing the product's capabilities without changing its fundamental functions prior to manufacturing.

Safeguarding the Future

Building upon such successes, the team at Smart Sourcing will continue to maintain its strong values, remain true to its customers, and put significant efforts into understanding their unique requirements to connect better with customers. It will also keep a close watch on the latest trends and technologies and enhance its teams' capabilities. At the same time, the company intends to identify new growth areas to establish itself as a trusted partner for a wide range of customers. “Currently, as the medical sector needs a significant amount of support due to the unforeseen chaos caused by the pandemic, we’re focusing on fulfilling various medical needs,” concludes Hale.