Celebrating its 50th year in the chemical, laboratory products and supplies business, Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp. has established its operation to meet the needs of more than 120 industries yet adapts and responds quickly when those needs change. That responsiveness was put to the test during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2020, while many companies were experiencing significant supply constraints, Spectrum Chemical met the surge in demand for PPE and other infection control products by leveraging its extensive network of more than 250 suppliers worldwide. In addition, the company provided products for development of COVID-19 test kits and vaccines.

Spectrum Chemical COO Russell Kneipp credits the company’s rapid response to its scalable business model and robust product portfolio that serve as an extension of a customer’s existing supply chain.

“We focus on our customer’s current needs while also anticipating and fulfilling their future needs,” explains Kneipp. “We can pivot quickly as a customer’s needs change along with their business model.”

The company provides more than 45,000 fine chemicals in a variety of packaging options whether it’s for an R&D laboratory, pilot plant, or production facility. The chemicals are utilized in a number of industries including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutrition, food and beverage, aerospace, electronics, and automotive. The company’s portfolio also includes 1200 USP-NF-FCC-BP-EP-JP chemicals, the largest in the industry. In addition, Spectrum Chemical provides DEA-controlled substances, general synthetic chemical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and custom synthesis of new chemical entities.
Russell Kneipp, COO
Randy Burg, President and CEO
“We offer the ability to scale production from a small container size to bulk items and meet unique packaging requirements,” adds Randy Burg, President and CEO, Spectrum Chemicals.

Alongside its extensive portfolio of products, the company ensures the highest quality backed by extensive quality assurance protocols and scientific documentation. Raw materials and finished goods entering Spectrum Chemical’s facilities undergo stringent testing at one of its three analytical testing laboratories. “Our industry-leading scientific documentation, validation, and qualification systems support the change control expected by all quality-driven organizations to get products to market safer and sooner,” explains Burg.

At the same time, Spectrum Chemical provides comprehensive services including sales, technical support, and inventory management for diverse industries that drive innovation.

Citing an interesting use case, Burg mentions how Spectrum Chemical helped a client deliver a new technology that reduces the rate of spoilage for fruits and vegetables. The client’s innovative coating technology allows growers, suppliers, and retailers to keep produce fresh two to three times longer, thus promoting more sustainable supply chains, better quality food, and less food waste. Spectrum Chemical collaborated with the company and provided essential materials for product R&D through scale-up and production. Currently, the client has a worldwide presence and has several facilities in multiple locations.

Besides chemicals, Spectrum Chemical offers a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment and laboratory supplies for limitless applications. The company’s production, quality control laboratories, warehousing, and distribution facilities are located in New Brunswick, NJ, Gardena, CA, and Shanghai, China. Both U.S. facilities are FDA registered and operate under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All three are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Spectrum Chemical continues to invest heavily in its automation and production capabilities. The company has implemented lean manufacturing to facilitate continuous improvement in every area of the business from operations to product development, quality, and customer service. This has also enabled the company to focus on eliminating inefficiency and improve quality and accountability. Spectrum Chemicals is helping its clients grow and is prepared to address the evolving market demands for the next 50 years.