Mike Marx,CEO, TMT SolutionsMike Marx,CEO
As one of the most promising providers of turnkey designing, installation, and automation solutions and services for the manufacturing sector, TMT Solutions’ journey since its inception has been quite unique. Mike Marx, CEO of the company, describes, “We started from the core and then finally captured the whole body and the system.” Founded in 2011 with a focus on integration, the company gradually grew into other areas such as: UL508 Panel Shop, Field Services, Electrical Contracting, Engineering/ Design, Mechanical Installation, and General Contracting. In 2013, Marx realized that TMT Solutions had actually acquired the necessary expertise and tools to address the manufacturing sector as a whole. In line with that vision, within two years TMT Solutions successfully designed a novel all-in-one platform— TCS (Total Control Solutions)—that could “help build anything, design anything, and automate anything.”

“Having data visibility over the numerous operational processes in a manufacturing facility is a big challenge for many. Our TCS software solves that and effectively bridges the gap between operations and enterprise management,” states Marx. To begin with, the company deploys the TCS software in a client’s manufacturing facility in combination with a variety of IoT sensors that can seamlessly capture data from each ongoing manufacturing process in real-time. Once up and running, through the ‘open’ platform’s intuitive dashboard, the customer can then easily monitor all the operations in the facility and make informed decisions based on the real-time data. This ensures that a client can proactively take effective measures to speed up its operations, detect potential loopholes and mitigate them, and enhance overall productivity. In addition, the client can also leverage TMT Solutions’ designing, automation, and quality support services to implement new strategies, successfully automate operations, and even design greenfield manufacturing facilities.

A major characteristic that differentiates the TCS software in the market is its unprecedented flexibility. Once the TCS software system is successfully installed in a business facility, the customer can easily customize the system—develop and add newer modules—to address newer requirements over the course of time.

TCS software solves the challenge of data visibility for manufacturers and effectively bridges the gap between operations and enterprise management

In addition, TCS also supports the design and development of custom hardware to ensure well-oiled business operations. For example, a client can quickly set entry and exit kiosks at the manufacturing plant to monitor and identify inventory trucks entering and exiting the facility. Marx adds that while conventional, off-the-shelf software solutions typically serve 60 to 70 percent of what a customer needs, TCS provides the flexibility to address 100 percent of the customers needs within a single software solution for its customers. This is more highlighted from amongst one of TMT Solutions’ numerous client partnerships. The company successfully automated the entire QC testing process of a client through TCS and even assisted in redesigning the customer’s bulky testing machines to change their form factors and reduce their sizes significantly.

“Our value doesn’t lie only in fostering complete operational visibility to decision makers. Utilizing the platform, different departments at a facility, such as IT and operations, can comprehend the underlying procedures much better and hence, work together to drive more productivity. It’s a big thing for any organization,” mentions Marx. Since TMT Solutions’ inception the unique value of its offering and its customer-focused business approach has made the company a well-recognized provider all over North America. However, this is just the start for the ambitious firm. TMT Solutions has been focusing extensively on adopting a continual innovation strategy of introducing one new breakthrough module to TCS every year that could be easily applicable to any industry. In the process, TMT Solutions aims to further strengthen its footprint in the US and become a leading force in the domain.