John Jamieson, Chief Executive Officer, Vertrauen Chemie SolutionsJohn Jamieson, Chief Executive Officer
Chemical manufacturing and packaging are some of the most sophisticated processes in organizations, especially for businesses in which this is already a core competency. From securing new and maintaining existing chemical raw material and packaging goods supply chain relationships to managing logistics, the entire process requires a highly coordinated and multi-faceted approach. Responding to the pandemic, companies all over the world are now examining business continuity plans and best-use asset allocation. Outsourcing chemical manufacturing & packaging is rapidly gaining popularity among organizations of all sizes and sectors as an effective tool to manage future demand planning.

This is where Texas-based chemical outsource manufacturing and packaging company Vertrauen Chemie Solutions (VCS) takes center stage with its trusted chemistry solutions. The company has the resources to provide end-to-end supply chain and manufacturing services to their customers in a broad range of markets. This allows organizations to focus on their core competencies and best-use asset allocation to take their business to the next level. “We act as an extension of our customers’ operations, deliver products of the highest quality, and strive to exceed expectations," states John Jamieson, CEO at VCS.

The company has two manufacturing and warehousing facilities; Memphis, TN, and McKinney, TX. The Memphis facility lies at the center of VCS’s operations, specializing in neat blends and large-scale small container packaging operations. The 165,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space with a 900,000-gallon bulk tank farm focuses on isocyanates and hardeners as well as various flammables, corrosives, hazardous materials, and highly sensitive reactive blends. “Our Memphis plant is qualified to make original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality products, allowing us to service automotive manufacturing and other highly technical industries,” explains Roger Zillmer, Vice-Chairman at VCS. The company’s Memphis plant is supported by a well-equipped laboratory and offers statistical data analysis, including control charts, histograms, and process capability/variability evaluations for continuous improvement opportunities.

Moreover, VCS’s 45,000 square foot facility in McKinney (Dallas), TX comprises the company’s Specialty Compounding Business Unit that specializes in the complex processing of primarily urethane & epoxy technologies, including pre-polymers, blocked isocyanates, adductions, vacuum processing, and dispersions of fillers and colors. Further, it has a laboratory where the company’s chemists perform test trials and pilot work for its clients.
Roger Zillmer, Vice-Chairman
“The McKinney facility, our Specialty Compounding Business Unit, gives us a significant strategic advantage over most of our competitors, and is a key differentiator for us,” explains Jamieson.

Other differentiating aspects of VCS are its dedication to CI initiatives, talented teams, and an excellent customer service commitment. “We hold our customers’ intellectual property sacred and incorporate their suggestions into our offerings, enabling us to forge long-lasting partnerships with them,” says Zillmer. The company serves many different industries, including aerospace, automotive, transportation, chemicals, oil & gas, construction, protective & marine, and others. Zillmer shares a success story of a client that was developing a new variety of resin, which had extreme purity and clarity requirements. Further, handling the materials for the development of resins also required significant sophistication to avoid any unfortunate incidents. VCS partnered with them from bench-scale through production-scale to help them fast-track their product’s go-to-market strategy. Not only this, but the company also helped the research and development team of the client to perform statistical analysis on the quality parameters of their product.

Established in 2016, with Dallas-based private equity partner Argenta Partners, by the simultaneous merger of Quadrant Process Corp. and the carve-out acquisition of the Industrial Products Group of W.M. Barr, VCS has established itself as the go-to contract manufacturing partner in the Chemical Contract Manufacturing Sector. The company is now planning to acquire additional assets for specific target markets, and a series of acquisitions to cater to different industries as well as expand its footprint geographically. "We are committed to creating the highest customer awareness and loyalty in order to grow VCS as a leader in the Specialty Chemical Blending and Packaging Market sector,” concludes Jamieson.