Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, January 21,2021

Feature of the Week

Smart factory investments have immense operational, fiscal and work-wide benefits. Productivity and efficiency, for example, have risen to the forefront and increasingly determine the overall success of the organisation in the marketplace.  Read more
The rapidly growing automotive market offers an enormous opportunity for automotive semiconductors to support EV battery performance, enhanced sensors, increased connectivity and other technologies.  Read more
Digital transformation is the best way for administrators to overcome these problems effectively. Therefore, leveraging Industrial IoT's technical possibilities is more important than ever before.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Edward Rodden, CIO, Sugar Creek  
​Forty-two years, sounds like a long time…My first office job started just that long ago, and it was a far different world from what we live in today.  Read more
By Susan Kampe, CIO, VP, Information Technology, Cooper Standard  
Digitizing processes creates full automation and the ability to learn what result can be expected, alert us when intervention is required.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Mickey Patton, President & CEO  
Provides CRM for the manufacturing industries both on-premise and the cloud  Read more
By Mike Marx,CEO  
Provides a unique software platform that streamlines process automation and provides real-time data visibility of manufacturing operations for organizations  Read more
By James Heppelmann, President & CEO  
PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) unleashes industrial innovation with award-winning, market-proven solutions that enable companies to differentiate their products and services, improve operational excellence, and increase workforce productivity.  Read more

CXO Insights

By Mike York, Director, Additive Manufacturing, Aerospace Group, Eaton  
It is well-established that additive manufacturing (AM) offers significant value for the aerospace...  Read more
By Cameron Ward, Senior Vice President, RS Components North America  
Distributors can play a key role in helping manufacturers, buyers, and supply chain professionals...  Read more
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