Jeffrey A Graves,  CEO, 3d Systems CorporationJeffrey A Graves, CEO
The manufacturing industry underwent a new industrial revolution owing to the massive success of 3D printing. With this additive technology, manufacturers have transformed their workflows to produce parts in record time and in a highly cost-effective manner, something which was unthinkable before. More companies are climbing the 3D printing bandwagon as innovations remain rampant in 3D hardware and software for improved precision and highly scalable production. Add to that the abundant research in materials and the emergence of agile services that are aimed at bringing 3D printing to manufacturers of all sizes. With a positive impact on the comprehensive processes, 3D printing has become the front and center of several industry operations from prototyping through production. Yet, most companies struggle to gain the ROI from their 3D printing investment due to a myriad of challenges in achieving speed, scalability, and the right material, and customization required for their unique manufacturing needs. 3D printing woes include the lack of process standardization, inadequate resources, and archaic workflow.

Leading the 3D printing revolution for many decades is 3D Systems Corporation, a company that pioneered the concept of 3D printing more than 30 years ago when the term didn’t even exist. In 1983, Charles (“Chuck”) Hull invented 3D printing. Hull, the co-founder, executive vice president and chief technology officer of 3D Systems, created the first-ever 3D printed part using the then new engineering mechanism termed Stereolithography. In the following years, 3D Systems became the first 3D printing company in the world and went on to achieve a patent for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) patent. The company carried on the baton of 3D printing innovation and released Simbionix virtual reality surgical simulator in 2000. When digital technologies began to make their presence felt, 3D Systems capitalized on the opportunities to innovate on-demand parts manufacturing. Recently, the company added entry-level industrial and projector-based imaging to its portfolio of 3D printers. It continues to connect its clients with the solutions they need to transform their manufacturing.

With decades of sustained innovation and product delivery, 3D Systems is synonymous with innovation, performance, and reliability in the additive manufacturing expanse. With a bevy of hardware, software, materials, and services, the company is striding ahead with application-specific solutions.

With a plethora of industry partnerships, 3D Systems continues to remain at the helm of 3D innovation

The company is backed by talented individuals and experienced leaders who take a collaborative approach to ideation and product delivery. Today, the company has made a huge impact by offering a variety of advanced applications in healthcare and industrial markets such as medical and dental, aerospace and defense, automotive, and durable goods. It has made extraordinary accomplishments in digital design and manufacturing, giving engineers and designers the freedom to build smart products at low cost and in less time.

Strategic 3D Printing Adoption for Maximum ROI

3D Systems has grown into a global 3D solutions company focused on connecting their customers with the expertise and digital manufacturing workflow required to solve their business, design or engineering problems. 3D Systems overcomes the traditional physical and technical limitations for manufacturing teams to enable innovation. The company abstracts the backend complexity in developing great products while providing a simple, unified front-end for clients’ teams to collaborate and accelerate the production of unique designs and develop products efficiently. Without facing complexity, teams can now develop custom products, enabling them to meet their goals and deliver a greater customer experience. The low maintenance cost of the production equipment and environment enables companies to focus more on business growth and customer satisfaction.

From digitization, design and simulation through manufacturing, inspection and management, 3D Systems’ comprehensive portfolio of technologies provides a seamless, customizable workflow designed to optimize products and processes while accelerating outcomes.

With advanced hardware, software and materials as well as on demand manufacturing services and a global team of experts, the company is on a mission to transform businesses through manufacturing innovation. It brings the flexibility, reliability, and security required to drive innovation in industries operating globally.
3D Systems offers services such as on-demand manufacturing, appearance models, functional prototyping, low-volume production, and rapid prototyping. Through on-demand manufacturing services, 3D Systems allows companies to expedite their production efforts and take an agile approach to product development. Such an approach enables firms to improve their time to market and make the most of market opportunities. Scalable production capabilities keep the clients’ teams in complete control of their business execution. On-demand manufacturing paves the way for parts to be produced within 24 hours. The decision makers can iterate on the final design, make necessary changes before committing to large scale production of the parts. With such an approach, companies can reduce tooling costs while producing customized products quickly. The functional prototyping service of 3D Systems paves the way for exploring the usability, ergonomics, and testing, and manufacturability aspects of the parts under production. 3D Systems’ clients can also turn CAD files into highly realistic physical parts and assemblies for aesthetic review, trade shows and sales presentations.

It goes without saying that relentless innovation opens the doors to greater possibilities. And 3D Systems’ value delivery to Sauber Motorsports AG in the area of Fuel rapid and constant automotive development to drive performance improvements is a great example. In the highly competitive world of Formula One, making constant progress in the face of ever-tightening regulations is a challenge. Sauber Engineering overcomes this challenge by using 3D Systems’ proven technologies to maximize its capabilities. An in-house factory of 3D Systems’ machines gives Sauber Engineering high throughput productivity, high-quality parts, and best-in-class materials selection to keep pushing development faster and farther. Using the expertise it has gained using additive manufacturing in motorsports, Sauber Engineering offers part manufacturing to customers in diverse industries.

3D Systems brings highly flexible 3D products for improved ease and the benefit of workers in different industries, including supply chain and healthcare, around the globe. With a plethora of industry partnerships, 3D Systems continues to remain at the helm of 3D innovation.