Paul Bron- CEO, ATS GlobalPaul Bron- CEO
At the beginning of 2020, people from all walks of life- individuals and business organizations were concerned as to how to move forward amid a global crisis. With the passing times, the crisis has become a part of everyone’s lives and the way we live and work has changed. Now, businesses are perturbed with the idea of staying ahead in the competition. Just as the pandemic did not break out overnight, the digital transformation also took its time to evolve over the years. Previously, digital transformation contemplated technology, data process and organizational change. However, in the present scenario, successful organisations focus on empowering employees to achieve more with the right technology to make the most of their transformation journey. Defining a clear vision and strategy with a unified and elastic culture that invites diversity along with the organization’s unique potential capabilities form the new trend of digital transformation.

So, in these unprecedented times, where organizations in every industry and sector are rethinking how business is done, ATS Global would be the real call.

ATS is an Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation, with over 35 years of experience in continuous improvement efforts and Manufacturing IT solution design, deployments, and 24/7 support assignments. The company ensures its services, solutions and products on all three levels of the automation pyramid - control, execution, and information. Its business activities have been tailored to support the entire automation and IT system lifecycle. ATS is an innovative, strategic knowledge partner with competence in seven areas: Automation & IT, Lean & Six Sigma, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Product Lifecycle Management, Quality management, supply chain management and smart manufacturing 4.0. ATS Global, which was founded in 1986, has always been on the path to digital transformation. Since then, the company has continued to develop its professional automation, quality, and IT portfolio to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries.
The rich client base that the company possess is the answer to why ATS Global. Several instances showcase the vast clientele of the firm. Yet, one such case is that of how ATS became a solution supplier of choice for manufacturers both inside and outside of the Benelux, with a new focus on tracking and tracing software in the meat and food industry. Tonie Huizer, Patrick Krootjes, and Dirk Bruinsma, the proprietors of Modulo BV, were looking for a partner to help them grow their Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) offerings. They realised that in order to make further growth in an increasingly worldwide market, they needed to find a powerful partner, therefore they focused on the meat and food industry.

ATS is an Independent Solution Provider for Smart Digital Transformation, with over 35 years of experience in continuous improvement efforts and Manufacturing IT solution design, deployments, and 24/7 support assignments

The Modulo team is based in Stellendam, in the southwest of the Netherlands, with a second office in Sliedrecht. The team of 11 highly competent individuals with industrial, application, and.NET experience transitioned to ATS Applied Tech Systems BV. However, the proposal was a win-win situation for everyone involved, as ATS solidified its position in the meat and food industry, expand its ability to deliver MES globally with the new expertise gained, and provide a bright future for Modulo team. The new ATS Teconomy family members also had a new set of customers on their doorstep, allowing them to provide Application Packaging and Virtualization services.

ATS Global is undoubtedly an innovative technology and business leader committed to its customer success. But what makes them even more successful is the fact that they are a teacher and a learner simultaneously. This core value has been the guiding force of the company. This has enabled the company to expand organically as well as leverage the complementing qualities of its partners. This methodical expansion has aided them in establishing a long-term presence in key geographic areas. ATS has built a solid reputation by cultivating an ideal array of products, solutions, and services to support today’s and tomorrow’s industries.