Ramon Reynolds, Director of Supply Chain Management, BennettRamon Reynolds, Director of Supply Chain Management
As a product transitions from manufacturing into packaging and distribution, it enters a crucial phase that greatly determines its success in the market. With packaging playing a vital role in influencing consumers, manufacturers realize that innovative and customized packaging designs are imperative for products to stand out in the competitive retail space. There are plenty of contract packaging providers. On one end of the spectrum are those that offer specialized solutions for each product but fail to cover a gamut of services from display to distribution. On the other end are the large contract packaging providers offering a variety of solutions, but lacking the ability to offer customization and required attention to detail.

As a true concept-to-delivery partner, Bennett is one of the largest, independent, corrugated manufacturers in North America, offering full-service packaging and distribution turnkey solutions to customers from wide range of industries. The company designs and manufactures corrugated solutions that include simple shipping boxes, custom retail packaging and retail displays. “We have evolved into the single supplier source for all packaging and display needs, with a fully-integrated design-to-delivery process,” says Ramon Reynolds, Director of Supply Chain Management. Backed by the expertise of its professionals, the company offers a wide variety of services, from designing, printing, die cutting and gluing to contract packaging.

What sets Bennett apart is its dedicated design department that works exclusively on developing creative packaging solutions that also promote its client’s products. The design team works with the client to understand their product placement and marketplace requirements. Sample packaging is developed, followed by comprehensive in-house testing to ensure product integrity and customer appeal.

Once the prototype is ready, Bennett’s contract packaging services come into the picture, offering expertise in quality control and logistics.
With its state-of the-art distribution services, the company ensures that the product is delivered on time to customers.

Bennett also offers an operating platform that enables clients to check the product status in real time, with insights into components, including supply, inventory and more for each of their products. The company understands the importance of communication and ensures it conveys every detail of the project to its clients.

Over the years, Bennett has followed a solution-based approach, from design to delivery, and has invested heavily in leading printing and manufacturing technologies to provide advanced solutions. Embracing the latest digital technologies, such as high-speed digital printers, die cutters, and gluers, allows the company to keep offerings up-to date and deliver unprecedented services to its clients. Bennett has a dedicated warehousing space of more than 200,000 square feet with a variety of packaging and testing equipment. Storage capabilities include a climate-controlled environment, protecting product from heat and humidity. Bennett also boasts a highly talented and experienced team of professionals with decades of combined experience in packaging design and distribution, providing a foundation of excellence.
  • We have evolved into the single supplier source for all packaging and display needs, with a fully-integrated design-to-delivery process

Bennett’s growth is largely driven by organic business. Its ability to execute projects in an efficient and timely manner allows for plenty of forward momentum. With innovation as its mainstay, the company aims to be at the helm of the industry, harnessing the power of the most recent and advanced technologies for exceptional outcomes.