Dan Engerer, Director , Brainchild EngineeringDan Engerer, Director
Every year, numerous innovations spring from the drawing board, each with the potential to change your tomorrow. Yet only a handful of them get to see the light of day. Being inventive in today’s cutthroat world of innovation isn’t only about ideas; it’s also about execution and effective, innovative strategies. Despite burning the midnight oil, the majority of these ideas fail to finally yield profits because innovators are unable to navigate the subsequent steps necessary to give wings to their ideas and succeed in the marketplace.

Most often, first-time innovators are perplexed about what to do; they are unsure whether to license the idea, contact manufacturers, or pursue a patent. Another huge problem confronting them is protecting their ideas and raising money to launch the product. Adding to their woes, first-time innovators, in their quest to bring their concept to the market, often seek assistance from invention help companies. Unfortunately, they only seem to be interested in collecting money from inventors as opposed to providing them with the right tools and strategies needed for a successful product launch.
Against this challenging backdrop, the Michigan-based Brainchild Engineering, as the go-to-partner for product inventors, is creating a world of difference. “Inventors need somebody to hold their hand, coach them and walk them through the process of launching their physical products while only looking out for their best interests and not just trying to get their money,” says Dan Engerer, Director of Brainchild Engineering.

The primary focus of Brainchild Engineering is to support struggling inventors by giving them hand-held assistance and directing them in such a way that they obtain the most money from their innovation. “Our mission is to help independent inventors and startup businesses succeed,” says Engerer. The company provides innovators with a comprehensive, turn-key solution that walks them through a step-by-step process and helps them get to the finish line.

Engerer, with his wealth of experience in product development and commercialization, points out that each inventor is unique and has different needs.

Our mission is to help independent inventors and startup businesses succeed

To this end, Brainchild engineering has essentially devised two major solutions: the ‘Product-Launch-Accelerator’ and the ‘Done-For-You’ product development and launch.

The ‘Program-Launch-Accelerator’ is a mentoring and training program that allows the inventor to run the project while being guided by technical and marketing specialists from Brainchild Engineering. The program contains video courses, templates, and other tools to help innovators through every stage of the process, from concept to manufacturing to profit. This package also includes a simple design engineering and prototyping service that encompasses all of the design and engineering work required before a prototype can be built, such as 3D modeling, calculations, simulations, and more.
Brainchild Engineering’s second solution, ‘Done-for-you,’ as the name implies, essentially handles everything for the creator, which means they will take the idea from conception through manufacture and distribution. “We do everything from start to finish,” says Engerer.

Brainchild Engineering also aids the innovators in developing a one-of-a-kind master strategy for their invention, which will cover product maintenance and future goals. This service also assists in classifying products for marketing purposes, such as goods that should be sold on Amazon and not in a hardware store. “It’s all about developing a one-of-a-kind and personalized blueprint for a successful product launch,” says Engerer.

According to Engerer, the recently launched ‘Done-For-You’ service, is currently seeing a major surge in demand, and the team is working on perfecting it. “We are focused on expanding our team and procedures to really be able to provide help to as many people as needed,” states Engerer. “Our resolute focus is on our customer’s success.”