Arun Modgil, CEO, CkdpackArun Modgil, CEO
Circular packaging is gaining momentum as manufacturers opt for green consumerism as a brand strategy. The conventional choice for large automotive and aviation manufacturers has long been disposable packaging, such as wooden crates and cardboard boxes. Single-use burdens manufacturers with the need to dismantle and properly dispose of them. They also have to contend with unprecedented cost fluctuations of raw materials that are reflected in the cost of disposable packaging.

This is where Ckdpack’s zero waste, long-distance returnable packaging stands out, which was fostered on the note that packaging does not need to be expendable. The company designs custom, reusable packaging for all components of a client’s product. The same packaging can be reused throughout the life of a project, reducing costs. Ckdpack further reduces the cost by streamlining the packaging return process by regulating the logistics services and ensuring zero product damage.

“Our packaging designs are heavily engineered to tackle packaging and logistics issues, while competing with the cost of disposable packaging,” says Arun Modgil, CEO, Ckdpack.

Ckdpack begins the ideation of packaging from the development stage of their client’s projects, when the 3D model of the client’s final product is received. After the client approves a 3D model of the packaging design, it is prototyped and tested before being produced in bulk. Ckdpack delivers the packaging to the component manufacturer before the first order is ready to be shipped.

“We are loyal to developing a packaging design for a customer that not only meet their needs and reduce their cost, but it also zero waste,” states Modgil.

Ckdpack has designed more than 7,000 packaging designs to date, with different materials ranging from plastic and form to plywood, all strongly adhering to the values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.
The facet of Ckdpack that sets it apart from its competitors is that it has manufacturing plants across the globe, and all units are equipped to produce any type of packaging material and design upon demand.

As Ckdpack makes its mark in designing zero waste packaging, it’s also expanding its value-added offerings to logistics services, which range from loading components in the containers to supporting customs clearance at the supply and receiving ports. Ckdpack also provides warehouse services at different locations. After the completion of each delivery cycle, the returned packages are inspected, cleaned and the Ckdpack team performs required maintenance before sending them back for the next iteration.

Our packaging designs are heavily engineered to tackle packaging and logistics issues, while competing with the cost of disposable packaging

Ckdpack reduces the freight cost for their customers by designing the packages to fit into containers and methodically loading them by following the best cubic utilization. Its subsidiary, Packologic, specializes in logistics and supply chain management for customers requiring only logistics solutions.

A testament to the competencies of Ckdpack is a successful collaboration with a truck manufacturer shipping foundry and forged components from India to the U.S. and Mexico, and from Hungary to North America. The five parts needing transport were of varying dimensions, which added complexity to the packaging designs. Ckdpack devised common packaging for all five parts that were zero waste and flat packs, taking less time to assemble. The company supplied the packaging to shippers and worked on customs clearance in all countries. During the collaboration, not a single piece was damaged. The customer was so impressed by Ckdpack’s services and solutions that they extended the project for another five years.

The company’s esteemed clientele, spread across 17 countries, include General Motors, Volkswagen, Suzuki, and Daimler AG. Ckdpack has also expanded its solutions and services to the architecture, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Ckdpack continues to partner with organizations envisioning a greener future by formulating mathematically engineered packaging and logistical solutions, putting customer satisfaction and zero waste ideology at the forefront.