Andrew Wasserman Jr, Managing Partners, Cyngient Andrew Wasserman Jr, Managing Partners
In the labels and packaging industry, the role adhesives play is paramount. Here, adhesives are required to serve multiple functions and do much more than merely acting as a binding agent. Durability, performance, aesthetics and compatibility with various substrates are adhesive characteristics critical to brand owners and product developers both big and small.

In the packaging space, innovation is everything, and with that mind, New-Jersey-based Cyngient was launched in 2015. The company works closely with its clients to reimagine both the development and utilization of adhesives in labels and packaging. Cyngient specializes in cost-efficient, custom adhesive, ink and coatings solutions specific to clients’ unique requirements.

Andrew Wasserman is Cyngient’s managing partner who founded the company to help small and mediumsized narrow web converters with the ability to offer their customers premium, high performance products that have them competing with even their largest competitors. He says, “Our goal is to raise the bar and elevate innovation, and we’re doing just that through the development of some truly gamechanging technologies.”

One of Cyngient’s game-changers is its HYPERcolor pigmented cold foil adhesive solution, which Wasserman emphasizes as being truly one-of-a-kind. HYPERcolor is an adhesive technology that expands the number of shrink sleeve cold foil color options for brand owners while serving as a lower cost alternative to hot stamping.

“This is a totally new method for brand enhancement,” Wasserman says of HYPERcolor. “It creates an expanded gamut of cold foil colors – utilizing just silver foil – which brings down the total of overall costs when compared to conventional foils. Shrink sleeve converters no longer have limitations of colored cold foils. With HYPERcolor, you can offer a vast amount of cold foil color options – and you can do so with just one print station.”

Developing environmentally sustainable adhesive products is a priority at Cyngient. In addition to its performance benefits, HYPERcolor also provides shrink sleeve converters with an eco-friendly solution that is Nestlécompliant and adheres to California Proposition 65, all while providing a lower migration option to standard adhesives.

HYPERcolor is part of Cyngient’s line of HYPERcure® structural adhesives, which was developed to bond difficult substrates for destruct bond.
Another recent product launch from Cyngient that has label and packaging converters abuzz is PUREmatte. A virtually odorless UV-LED matte overprint coating for flexographic printers, Nestlé-compliant PUREmatte offers excellent flexibility for shrink sleeves and prime labels while being benzo-free and featuring superior abrasion resistance. These properties make PUREmatte especially appealing to brand owners in the beverage, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, and other end-use segments with stringent demands for lowodor packaging, in addition to high-end shelf appeal.

“Anyone marketing products in the luxury segment will appreciate PUREmatte’s organic, silky feel and high contrast look,” Wasserman explains. “It can even have a 3D effect – labels and packaging manufactured with PUREmatte really stand out – this is no ordinary coating.” Scuff-resistant PUREmatte also helps minimize cracking, making it a worry-free product during transport and logistics processes.

Cyngient takes a partnership approach toward working with its clients, utilizing an extensive R&D lab complete with full manufacturing capabilities, contributing to its role as an end-to-end adhesive products provider. Wasserman says, “Rather than providing off-the-cuff solutions, we identify their actual needs, create the relevant adhesives, inks and coatings, while also conducting extensive testing at state-of-the-art facilities prior to delivery. Our polymer chemists and experienced leadership bring more than 100 years of combined expertise to the industry. Every day we are crafting new mechanisms and evaluating raw materials in order to determine those that provide the best adhesion possible for specific applications.”
  • Our goal is to raise the bar and elevate adhesive innovation, and we’re doing just that through the development of products like HYPERcure, a truly game-changing technology

In addition to labels and packaging, Cyngient also specializes in credit card innovation. Recently, a client was looking to launch a new credit card line and required adhesives that could bond the various layers of polycarbonates. To pass various certification testing, the credit card should have sufficient bond strength, which was only possible if the adhesive and pigment were compatible with each other. “With our revolutionary structural adhesive technology, we were able to turn the adhesive into a laminating ink which was not only able to bond the layers effectively, but also produce graphics at the same time,” Wasserman explains.

In-mold product decoration is another area of focus. Last year, a Cyngient client was honored by the In-Mold Decorating Association (IMDA) on a first-of-its-kind project where Cyngient, using pigmented adhesives, created appealing in-mold gun handles instead of traditional wood, leading to acclaim from global industry experts.

Building on its successes, Cyngient is experiencing rapid growth and has its sights set on expansion. Wasserman concludes, “Brand enhancement is our culture, and we take great pride in thinking outside the box when it comes to product development. We’re excited to continue partnering with both brand owners and packaging manufacturers to develop best-in-class brand enhancement technologies while improving their bottom lines.”