Sean Gallimore, President, DyniscoSean Gallimore, President
In today’s manufacturing industry, achieving high-precision performance across different ambient conditions is becoming a top priority for manufacturing firms to develop sustainable and quality products. Be it to produce plastics, machinery, or medical devices, the manufacturing firms need accurate information (temperature, pressure, and viscosity measurements) to validate and, if necessary, adjust their process to ensure that the products they make meet or exceed their specifications and safety standards. Especially with the rise of the fourth industrial revolution and the lean manufacturing approach gaining momentum, it has never been more important for organizations to focus on greater visibility into their processes, from labs to shopfloors. As manufacturing organizations look for advanced system solutions to monitor or control critical process parameters involved in the manufacturing processes, Dynisco emerges as the perfect partner that offers a wide range of tools and services for various sectors to keep their manufacturing process consistent and safe regardless of the locations and conditions.

The company’s core market has primarily been plastics and oil and gas, but they do have applications in other areas where sensor-based technologies are relevant. Notably, Dynisco is known for its robust sensing and polymer testing equipment that delivers accurate information for measuring pressure, temperature, and viscosity, among others. The information garnered from labs to the shop floor helps customers take the response and make adjustments to critical parameters, ensuring any variations are promptly corrected to guarantee quality while maximizing output. Apart from delivering solutions, the company also offers a full range of global service and technical support where dozens of highly skilled technical support personnel are stationed internationally to provide expert consultation, custom design solutions, equipment diagnostics, troubleshooting, and more.

Being Innovative at the Core

When it comes to polymer, Dynisco has been developing innovative, high-quality solutions for plastics extrusion processing for 60 years, built on the expertise of a balanced engineering team that has industry experts with up to 30 years experience and those who have entered the workforce trained on the latest tools and technologies.

Dynisco’s sensors, controls, and analytical instruments have proven to offer better control, reduced downtime, minimum scrap, and unmatched reliability and working life. Dynisco’s Sensors were explicitly designed for the rugged environment of the plastics industry. The company has developed some of the most innovative measurement solutions for plastic extrusion, molding, and process control applications.

Dynisco also has an intelligent data aggregator platform Dynisco Cloud Connect. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the platform enables manufacturers to aggregate all the device(s) data in one place securely and reliably, making it easy to share. Besides, by aggregating data from various cuttingedge and antiquated devices or systems on shop floors across the entire global production lines, Dynisco Cloud Connect empowers manufacturers to garner critical insights on their processes.

We are more than a sensorbased technology provider; we are an information company that opens a window into the processes

“We are more than a sensor-based technology provider; we are an information company that opens a window into the processes,” states Sean Gallimore, president at Dynisco. “We offer a complete solution for manufacturers that includes everything from monitoring and controlling to communication and analytics,” he adds.

No matter the requirement (pre-production measurement, extrusion optimization, injection/blow molding applications, quality measurement applications) or the ambient condition of operations, Dynisco addresses all with its broad spectrum of (temperature, pressure, viscosity) solutions. The company draws on its six decades of expertise in the domain to make this possible. To that end, it facilitates the needs of the entire value chain of polymer manufacturing in several industries, from resin and virgin material manufacturers to recycled materials and OEM manufacturers. For each stakeholder Dynisco caters to, they have a customized portfolio of solutions. “While we offer mercury-free solutions for the food and beverage and medical devices industry, we can also meet the high-pressure sensing and rheological needs of the chemical or plastics industries,” asserts Gallimore. The company also boasts a whole range of polymer test equipment, which can garner accurate information on the quality of polymers including recycled materials.

Gallimore accredits such extensive capabilities of Dynisco to the future-proof strategy that the company has at its core. “We are continually looking at applications where our sensors and instruments could be leveraged and align our innovation pipelines accordingly,” remarks Gallimore. “While developing those solutions with the application specifics in mind, such as accessibility, whether it’s physical or virtual accessibility, without hindering the existing protocols of our clients,” he adds. Dynisco complements the engineering and manufacturing of such unique solutions with their tenured staff with rich industry knowledge across different industries. The outcome of Dynisco’s people and technology skills is the optimum solution, support, and training that the company provides to its clients to help them achieve or even exceed their performance and safety targets.

Such proficiency has also allowed Dynisco to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with its extensive client base. “In sectors such as high proprietary materials and high proprietary consumer packaged goods, we have clients who have been staying with us for a long time,” says Gallimore.
  • By understanding our clients’ unique needs and catering to them effectively, we intend to fortify our position as a meaningful global leader of sensor based technologies for the foreseeable future

“Our team closely collaborates with our client’s teams to ensure that they get consistent performance from our solutions.To that extent, we have been quite successful over the years in tackling some of the unique and trickier problems for our clients across different sectors,” he enthuses. Recently, Dynisco’s solutions were used by manufacturers around the globe to produce materials suitable for highperformance personal protective equipment (PPE), consumer packaged goods, and energy products. “We are happy that manufacturers relied on our technologies to simplify their operations, produce products consistently on a global scale, particularly during the pandemic when demand for products was high; they were able to do it with utmost safety while meeting the needs of the customers,” explains Gallimore.

One of the aspects that sets Dynisco apart from competitors is its rich experience in the industry. The company’s employees have vast experience and an in-depth understanding of the technology, application, assembly, customization, development, manufacturing, and distribution. “Our employees take a lot of pride in making our customers successful, safe, and satisfied with our product,” asserts Gallimore.

Achieving Quality with Less Wastage

Concurrently, Dynisco is also playing a phenomenal role in helping its clients implement circular economy solutions for plastics and meet their sustainability goals. For instance, while using recycled pellets instead of virgin resins, Dynisco’s solutions can aid manufacturers in minimizing the variation between them by tracking all of the rheological and sensor data. It further helps manufacturers maintain good consistency across their end products and provides their clients with a complete history of online measurements of the resins and recycled materials used.

Riding on the coattails of such competencies, Dynisco has already established a robust global footprint across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The company is also venturing into new markets and sectors by expanding its product portfolio. While doing so, Gallimore asserts that Dynisco will continue to keep the clients at the front and center of its strategies. “By understanding our clients’ unique needs and catering to them effectively, we intend to fortify our position as a meaningful global leader of sensor-based technologies,” concludes Gallimore.