Gerd Radke, Sales Manager, Plastic Processing Division, eFACTOR3Gerd Radke, Sales Manager, Plastic Processing Division
Effective plastic recycling requires extensive knowledge of the unique properties of the various types and the right equipment to eliminate their impact on the waste stream. Most small-scale recyclers struggle to categorize different plastics properly. As a result, some reusable plastics end up in landfills, while others are discovered downstream in recycling operations that cannot process them. By establishing a recycling procedure backed by the necessary know-how and equipment, recyclers can diminish the amount of plastic in landfills and minimize its overall effect on the environment.

Enter eFACTOR3, a turnkey supplier of quality waste management and recycling solutions representing an impressive roster of European original equipment manufacturers (OEM), including hamos,, KREYENBORG, HydroDyn, M&J Recycling, Westeria, MAS, SPALECK, and Flexus Balasystem AB.

“We utilize our deep OEM partnerships to understand our client’s present and future plastic recycling goals and help them achieve it with highly adaptable equipment,” says Gerd Radke, Sales Manager, Plastic Processing Division, eFACTOR3.

Through its OEM network, eFACTOR3 helps recyclers ensure that plastics meant for food and beverage packaging applications are devoid of all contaminants and meet stringent quality standards. eFACTOR3 provides the best-suited equipment to process and sort different types of plastic and drive a waste management process that effectively minimizes plastic waste in landfills.

When working with its varied clientele, eFACTOR3 creates a complete waste management system that is adaptive, flexible, and future-proof.
It also supplies systems integration, installation, and repair services through its in-house service department of seasoned technical experts well-versed in the deployed equipment’s capabilities and impacts on recycling efficiency.

A key example of eFACTOR3’s equipment is MAS’ ONESTEP Extrusion Systems, defined by their patented, conical, co-rotating design and taper screws. These extruders have markedly greater intake volume than discharge volume, allowing for a higher screw fill level. This helps recyclers achieve improved output values at slow screw speeds and correspondingly low melt temperatures while producing excellent color values with minimal IV loss. The ONESTEP Extrusion Systems also ensures minimum environmental impact by reducing energy consumption in melting and compounding products. At the same time, the combination of low thermal loads and energy consumption enables clients to get high-quality recycled material at a very low operating cost.
  • We utilize our deep OEM partnerships to understand our client’s present and future plastic recycling goals and help them achieve it with highly adaptable equipment

MAS’ Cascade Extruder processes materials with high moisture content or high odor, volatile, organic compounds and gets rid of the moisture and odor to produce quality recyclable plastic. Using this equipment, eFACTOR3 has helped numerous clients sort low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and low bulk density material from their waste streams, maximizing their reusability for food packaging applications.

Founded in 2008 by Hartmut Bendfeldt, eFACTOR3 grew into an industry leader thanks to its growing team of qualified and experienced waste management and recycling industry professionals. Reinforcing its workforce competencies, eFACTOR3 recently hired a new technical manager to oversee its in-house service department and enhance its ability to offer impactful post-implementation services. Through its wide range of powerful equipment and highly competent employees, eFACTOR3 aims to continue aiding recyclers with effective plastic waste processing and management.