Marco Arnone, President, EnserMarco Arnone, President
For over seven decades, Enser has been recognized as a leading engineering services company that provides cutting-edge solutions to manufacturers across several verticals. The company’s prominent position in the industry is the result of its engineering expertise and the quest to push the boundaries of innovation. Founded in 1947 as a tool and die shop, designing jigs, fixtures, gauges, and special machines, the company has undergone numerous transitions, adhering to its founders’ vision to align with the varying customer demands.

“Our first remarkable transformation was dated back in the early 1970s, when one of our most prominent clients, Westinghouse Electric Corporation moved their facility,” says Marco Arnone, the President of Enser. To help them, Enser extended its geographical reach and expanded its footprints into other service capabilities including product design, FEA, prototypes, and more. It opened an office in Charlotte, NC in 1982 and Orlando, FL in 1991 on the demand of Westinghouse Electric Corporation to better support them and other local clients.

Enser’s ingress into the digital design environment began in the early 1980s by investing in CAD-based engineering software. “We pride ourselves as one among the early adopters of Computervision (CV) CAD, with a prime focus the drafting side of things,” mentions Arnone. But, in the late 1980s, when manufacturers started outsourcing drafting to other countries, the company started focusing more on the design and build phase to provide clients with turnkey solutions. This way, it brought a paradigm shift in the U.S. manufacturing industry by helping organizations to streamline and optimize their operations while providing their clients with high-quality products on time.

Today, Enser is a leading provider of specialized engineering solutions to several energy, healthcare, automotive, aviation, paper, and defense manufacturers. “Our extensive experience in working with several organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, uniquely positions us to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients,” adds Arnone. “What gives us an extra edge is our ability to deliver diverse technologies, performance, quality, cost, and reliability, all from a single source, a complete turnkey solution.”

Enser’s portfolio includes engineering services, manufacturing, and staffing solutions. The company provides in-depth knowledge and exceptional engineering services — design, testing, and analysis — to support clients’ programs and requirements.
It also enfolds manufacturing resources, experienced project managers, and a network of domestic manufacturing partners to successfully fabricate parts or build complex machinery for both Enser-designed and customer-designed projects. Furthermore, the company offers contract staffing to clients on-site, helping manufacturers mitigate the challenges associated with the labor shortage.

Another aspect that makes Enser unique is its powerful customer-first approach while collaborating with clients. Unlike its competitors who just airdrop the final product, the firm involves clients throughout the process — from concept to the final design. This way, it ensures that clients are delivered exactly what they expect.
  • We pride ourselves as one among the early adopters of Computervision (CV) CAD, with a prime focus the drafting side of things,” mentions Arnone.

Enser’s collaboration with Siemens, a German-based manufacturer, to help them build power rollers for one of their clients — a leading UK-based power station — exemplifies its value proposition. They were challenged with rewinding the Siemens-built generator core as they had to ship it back to the manufacturing facility to perform this most complex maintenance operation. Considering the huge logistics cost and time involved, they decided to do this at the power station. This is where Enser enters the picture. The company collaborated with Siemens to build the world’s largest stator rollers within six months by leveraging its engineering expertise. It was then installed at the power station, and the core was hoisted onto the mechanical roller within the rewind facility. Once in place, the roller rotates the core, allowing for the copper conductor bars to be safely removed and inserted. Rewinding the generator core at their facility helped them save time and a huge portion of their financials.

With the ability to make every collaboration a success, Enser positions itself as the most sought-after partner for several manufacturers to meet their most complex needs. Moving ahead, the company has plans to expand its reach and enhance its capabilities to better serve existing clients and attract more manufacturers. “Right now, we’re putting our foot forward only to regain our growth pace, which was completely disrupted by the pandemic,” concludes Arnone.