Neil Butterfield, Founder, Mineralife NutraceuticalsNeil Butterfield, Founder
Today’s consumers are substantially more conscious of health and nutrition, which could be attributed to the abundance of easily accessible knowledge. Gone are the days when people were buying dietary supplements with 40 different ingredients; instead, consumers now care more about simple formulas that have some degree of scientific backing. As the demand for products manufactured with natural and safe ingredients rises, businesses of all sizes have caught wind. However, as manufacturers attempt to cater to the demand for clean labeled products, one of the massive roadblocks they encounter is material sourcing. Finding a supplier or contract manufacturer that can provide materials of the desired quality and quantity at a reasonable price has proven to be rather tricky.

To make matters worse, many contract manufacturers are not always upfront with their clients—they make promises that brands can not necessarily depend upon. This makes enterprises feel powerless as they are clueless about how CMOs handle their product. Evidently, there is a need for a manufacturing service that delivers a comprehensive service while being fully transparent throughout the process. Against this challenging backdrop emerges Mineralife Nutraceuticals, a contract manufacturing company built on the principles of honesty and transparency.

Colorado-based Mineralife is a third-party, cGMP certified supplement manufacturer that ticks all the regulatory boxes that brands look for in a manufacturer. The company provides GMP manufacturing, custom supplement manufacturing, and custom formulation services, among other services. With a goal of building a healthier community, Mineralife provides cGMP-certified, high-quality, effective, and affordable nutritional products for various segments within the dietary supplement world. “In contrast to other manufacturers specializing in one system, we offer various services that cover a multitude of delivery formats for products,” says Neil Butterfield, Founder of Mineralife Nutraceuticals.

Along with a prolific service portfolio, Mineralife has massive databases on all of the materials that it can offer to its clients. The team works relentlessly to find new raw materials and sources, allowing the company to turn over client quotations promptly. Mineralife then moves on to the statement of work process, which is a highly extensive document and breakdown of all the parameters and specifics linked to the client’s formula and product to ensure that all parties are on the same page.

According to Butterfield, Mineralife does not fall victim to the ‘yes’ mentality, which means that if a client submits a set of ingredients that do not work well together or are simply not feasible, Mineralife will guide that customer with complete honesty. The company also has vast expertise in formulation, enabling them to walk clients through all problems that arise with the formulation of new products.
Once the specifics of the process are authorized, the company provides regulatory guidance on labeling through its extensive 3rd Party Network of compliance and regulatory consultants and lawyers to ensure that the labels are as compliant as possible. “We communicate with our clients as frequently as they need. A hand-held approach may not be essential for a seasoned business; however, if the brand is relatively new, we are ready to provide as much assistance as needed during the entire process,” says Butterfield.

Being a client-centric company, Mineralife devotes a significant amount of work to be entirely transparent and forthright with clients. As opposed to its sales-driven competitors in the contract manufacturing realm, the company is committed to building quality relationships with its clients rather than racing to push a large number of clients and their projects out the door. To that end, the Mineralife team goes above and beyond by scheduling meetings or phone conversations to ensure that the client is up to speed on all product developments and is confident that Mineralife is doing their product justice. “We pride ourselves on communication customer service, and our ability to be completely transparent with the brands we work with,” says Butterfield.

In contrast to other manufacturers specializing in one system, we can offer a lot of services that cover a multitude of delivery formats for products

Looking ahead, Mineralife Nutraceuticals’ roadmap includes a bio-enhancing soft gel manufacturing service that is expected to take off in the second quarter of 2022. This will be a game-changer as, currently, very few soft gel manufacturing companies in the US produce customizable goods. As opposed to existing manufacturers that only manufacture soft gels in bulk, Mineralife will fulfill the requirement for soft gel production by supplying lower minimum quantities. The soft gels produced will be affordable for smaller brands differentiating themselves in terms of formulas. Adding to the company’s portfolio, Butterfield is enthusiastic about venturing into the liposomal space as a brand that cares about quality absorption. Alongside a team of experts, Mineralife has perfected the liposomal absorption technology, which is in its final formula testing stage. The company has also developed a bio augmenting herbal blend that increases nutrient absorption and is presently undergoing clinical trials in South Africa to examine its ability to enhance the absorption of vitamins and several other nutrients. As Butterfield puts it, “You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb on a cellular level!”