Fremont, CA: A contract packager, co-packager, co-packer, or contract manufacturer is a firm that makes and packages items for its clients, who are often original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). When several pre-packaged items get wrapped together, this is known as secondary packaging.

Manufacturers now use co-packing to gain a competitive edge. Because they may outsource packaging services, OEMs can take on massive projects without additional employees or equipment. Companies are seeing several advantages to outsourcing co-packing and repackaging for their products.

  • Money-Saving Potential When Using a Co-Packing Company

Outsourcing lets businesses make use of the co-existing packer's space, technology, and people. Additionally, companies may save on labor and administrative expenses by not hiring packaging workers and committing capacity to pack.

Contract manufacturers form alliances with raw material suppliers and other businesses. Because of their networking links, co-packers can deliver reduced pricing.

Peoria Production Shop provides a wide range of capabilities, providing customers with a one-stop-shop for all of their packaging requirements. PPS, for example, offers auto-labeling, shrink sleeves, lot code and expiration date imprinting, heat sealers, and other services.

  • Co-Packers Provide Increased Efficiency 

Co-packers specialize in efficiency and have well-established packaging production methods. Peoria Production Shop uses Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to discover and reduce waste while developing the most efficient procedures that deliver the most value.

Co-packers, such as PPS, also offer kitting, stitching, mechanical assembly, cutting, finishing, and more.

  • Save Time With Co-Packing & Repacking Partners

Co-packers can free up the time of the original producer. Outsourcing contract packaging frees up the OEM's time for other activities like marketing and networking.

By freeing up the company's time, the co-packer can focus on what they do best. Contract packagers have quality control systems that may detect faults and damaged materials in addition to satisfying all customer standards.

  • Broader Skill Set In Outsourcing

Outsourcing projects to a co-packer lets the original manufacturer work with actual industry expertise. Certain co-packers have qualities that distinguish them from rivals.

Contract packers often collaborate with original equipment manufacturers to share expertise and cost savings from proven efficient procedures. Contract packagers, for example, may have more expertise in handling material, developing the secondary process flow, or obtaining prices from established vendors.