Fremont, CA: Daikin Applied has introduced SiteLine Building Controls — a portfolio of scalable, cloud-based technologies to effortlessly connect, monitor, as well as manage both individual pieces of HVAC equipment and integrated building systems. Building owners and operators can use SiteLine to optimize performance, improve indoor air quality, and reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

The new controls portfolio provides complete transparency into the entire HVAC ecosystem, assisting in the creation of comfortable and sustainable work and living environments. Intuitive dashboards keep facility personnel constantly connected to their operations and provide them with data to drive efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining comfort.

Unlike most control systems, which require extensive configuration and programming, SiteLine provides out-of-the-box functionality for simple installation. It also seamlessly connects a wide range of equipment manufacturers, easing the integration challenges that contractors and engineers face on a daily basis.

"Controls are often the domain of specialized engineers and technicians," stated Shinya Nishi, senior vice president, aftermarket, Daikin Applied. "And that comes with a considerable price tag. SiteLine, however, is designed to provide effortless insights. The hardware and software are flexible and user-friendly, able to be installed and used by almost anyone in the field."

The SiteLine portfolio currently includes some offerings to meet a range of requirements:

Wireless SiteLine BAS harnesses the power of wireless technology and the cloud to integrate light-commercial, applied, and VRV equipment into a single, simple-to-manage building automation system (BAS) for both retrofits and new construction. Furthermore, the controls include advanced security to protect user data and scalability to accommodate future growth.

SiteLine for Dedicated Equipment provides monitoring and control for standalone equipment such as rooftop units and chillers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Direct access to hundreds of data points — from any connected device, anywhere in the world — gives precise insights for easier decision making. Preventative alerts also aid in the reduction of downtime as well as emergency service calls.