Data is crucial in the success of all businesses regardless of the size. Automotive manufacturers must incorporate data in the manufacturing process to succeed.

FREMONT, CA:  The automotive industry is drastically changed by the introduction of the moving assembly line, electronic fuel injection, automatic transmission, and airbags. These innovations are crucial in offering safe, efficient, affordable, and convenient vehicles to customers. In the future, the opportunity to drive innovation with capabilities will be as common as a seatbelt. Data can help manufacturers capture the opportunity and remain competitive in the digital age.  The importance of data has changed from a good thing to have in the company arsenal to a critical differentiator that can decide a company’s survival. In the automotive industry, some manufacturers have adopted data as a crucial element. In contrast, others are slow to respond and need to realize the three areas where data can help the manufacturers, i.e., autonomous driving, connected cars, and smart manufacturing.

The most drastic way data is shaping the automotive industry is through automation. The majority of manufacturers are incorporating advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) into their cars to provide a more convenient and safe experience to customers. However, to implement new technology, research is critical, especially in the automotive sector, as the products have to provide safety to passengers. Developing semi and fully-autonomous vehicles require hundreds of test vehicles with state-of-the-art sensors that capture data on user experience, security, energy efficiency, and traffic flow.

In the automotive industry, the demand to improve driving experience with connected cars that share data in real-time with the help of data centers and public cloud providers is increasing. In the near future, connected vehicles will be able to interact with the passenger and share data on road conditions, crash alerts, and route altercations. Automakers must plan to build cars that can access, gather, and share data to increase safety, efficiency, and customer convenience.   

For automakers, manufacturing is the most significant ongoing expense. By incorporating data and digitization, auto manufacturers can identify errors and faulty parts early in the process, which helps in reducing the manufacturing cost significantly. Manufacturers who understand and incorporate data in the manufacturing process can get an edge over their competition.  If companies are not making severe investment in making data an integral part of the manufacturing process, then they can lag in the market.

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