The growing use of machine vision is providing manufacturers with many benefits, including increased quality, productivity, and flexibility.

FREMONT, CA: Machine vision is becoming a game-changer in manufacturing by helping manufacturers in improving the production quality, predicting production flaws in manufacturing lines, and cutting costs. Here are three use cases of machine vision in manufacturing. 

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance forecasts failure and helps to take corrective actions or replace the system. This can lead to major cost savings. Machine vision in manufacturing performs predictive analytics based on data provided by sensors to take maintenance measures on time. This can ultimately improve the productivity and performance of manufacturing firms. 

Barcodes scanning and Reading

The role of a barcode scanner is significant in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are provided with several barcode scanning benefits like reduced time and cost, minimized errors, and decreased stress levels. Manufacturers can automate the overall scanning process by powering machine vision systems with advanced Optical Barcode Recognition (OBR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), capabilities, and other image processing technologies.

Inspecting goods

Quality control and product inspection are two main activities of the industry that cannot be ignored. Manufacturers can detect flaws, or cracks in a physical product, with machine vision systems. These systems can also check accurate and precise measurements of components, which, sometimes, can be faulty when done manually. All these issues can be eliminated easily with machine vision that can also optimize the process in lesser time.  

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