FREMONT, CA: Additive manufacturing (AM) refers to the construction of 3-dimensional objects from a CAD of a digital model, and not just mere prototyping as often thought. For most of the cases, AM has managed to replace traditional methods of printing.

It has gained widespread popularity among small and medium businesses, as it helps them deliver innovation, better quality, and efficient delivery to meet immediate needs. Owing to its multifarious benefits, choosing AM is an important decision that should be based on several parameters.

Top 10 Additive Manufacturing Solution Companies - 2020Geometry- AM can produce the most intricate and complicated geometric shapes, which traditional printers might fail. The shift to AM has offered users reduced design weight, 20% less fuel burn, 10% more power, and yields results in a fraction of time.

Quantity- As it is a common factor among small and medium manufacturers, AM has its use primarily for small-scale or low-volume production. Their demands often orbit around small batches with manufacturing specificities. This makes it financially feasible, and there is no requirement of upfront investment in terms of tools.

Selection of Suitable Material- When it comes to material, manufacturers must make a suitable choice that benefits the product. AM has a wide variety of materials to select from, based on the molding, casting, or other functions. Apart from the plastic options for toys, various metallic options have the viability to make anything from jewelry to airplane parts.

Time-Saver- Additive manufacturing has a potential logistical impact, which often goes unnoticed. AM has a better response time when compared to traditional printing methods, which in-turn slashes lead times. It ensures that a prototype is quickly constructed, tested, revised, and finalized in a fraction of time. This way, manufacturers can create multiple design options, that can be instantly produced and tested.

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