Fremont, CA: If one is launching a new brand, switching to a new packaging format, or experiencing rapid growth, one has probably considered outsourcing some or all of your manufacturing or packaging operations. Working with contract packagers and manufacturers can help one save time, money, and resources while also providing one with the expertise and services one needs to grow one's business.

What are the Advantages of Contract Manufacturing and Contract Packaging?

Faster Turnaround

Using CPCMs who are subject matter experts allows one to ensure that the process is completed accurately and quickly. CPCMs can typically turn around one's finished packaging and/or product faster than one could do in-house due to the equipment and staff on hand. This means a shorter turnaround time and a faster time to market.

Warehousing Needs

Whether one is collaborating with a co-packer to fill one's pouches or a co-manufacturer to produce one's product, one will require far less physical space to store materials or house equipment.


Hiring CPCMs allows one to delegate time-consuming aspects of one's business. This frees up time for one and one's team to focus on other aspects of the business, such as marketing and brand growth.

Less Upfront Investment

One does not have to make the upfront investment in the machinery and resources required to fill, package, or produce one's finished product if one uses a co-packer or co-manufacturer. For many brands, this is a no-brainer because the initial investment for the equipment and space required is high. If one is unable to make this investment, it may make sense to use a CPCM that has the necessary machinery, materials, and personnel on hand.