Fremont, CA: It is true that the global pandemic has changed the course of many industries. The manufacturing sector is no exception. Manufacturers who were yet to explore digital transformation have started their journey towards digitalization due to the pandemic. By investing in new technologies, business models, and processes, the manufacturing industry is prepping itself for any future uncertainties.

That being said, IoT is one of the emerging trends in the manufacturing sector. Using IoT, manufacturers are able to connect and monitor different components of their workflow and attain insights. This greatly helps them to optimize, change, and improve every facet of their processes.

Similarly, ERP is another approach that has been gaining widespread popularity. The availability of cloud-based SaaS has escalated its usage since it is affordable and easier to deploy. ERP systems automate different areas of operations under one comprehensive system. This helps the manufacturers to oversee their entire workflow and make necessary adjustments and improvements.

Technology is constantly advancing and various industries leverage those advancements to transform themselves in order to fulfill the changing demands and needs. Manufacturing is, without any doubt, a competitive field. Therefore, they are in continuous search for the latest and greatest innovations, strategies, and systems. By educating themselves about the developments and strategically implementing those into the workflow will benefit them in the long run.