Proceedix leverages cloud, mobile, and wearable technologies to improve plant performance and digital manufacturing solutions for increased process quality and efficiency.

Fremont, CA: "2021 studies by LNS Research & Deloitte found that 82% of manufacturers cite workforce shortages as the current top business risk, and they will continue to face ongoing workforce recruiting and retention issues. As a result, virtually every manufacturing segment is interested in a digitally enabled workforce," said Dominic Gallello, CEO of Symphony Industrial AI. "The Proceedix capability is a natural next step for the Symphony Industrial AI plant performance and digital manufacturing solutions. Our applications raise alerts, and Proceedix provides the byte-sized work instructions for people in the plant to act."

Proceedix, a creator of connected frontline worker (CFW) platforms, was acquired by Symphony Industrial AI today. Symphony Industrial AI manufacturing industrial software solutions are now being extended further into plant and factory operations due to this purchase. Proceedix's CFW solution & Symphony Industrial AI applications and technology will work together to enable clients in the process and discrete industries to enhance process efficiency and quality.

Proceedix employs advanced cloud computing, mobile, and wearable technology to provide cutting-edge human-driven procedure, instruction, and inspection support. Proceedix's CFW platform enables individuals to handle even the most difficult operations away from their offices by combining cellphones, tablets, PCs, and glasses.

Proceedix's digital work instructions and inspection platform simplify business experts to develop and manage corporate workflows in a "no coding" environment. Work instructions, inspection checklists, and SOPs may get handled more quickly with step-by-step visual assistance. Audit trails and warnings guarantee that necessary tasks are completed accurately and on time. Consequently, businesses cut paper use, enhance product and process quality, reduce personnel hours necessary to complete operational and training duties, and boost transparency while ensuring 100 percent compliance.

Proceedix will be administered by Peter Verstraeten as a separate unit of Symphony Industrial AI, retaining its unique selling proposition of digital technology backed by deep industry experience and client intimacy.