The collaboration broadens firms' product and service portfolios to support Industry 4.0 ambitions.

Fremont, CA: The effects of digital industrial transformation on companies, their suppliers, clients, and other third parties are startling. There are various ways technology can benefit users, whether they are selling construction materials or fine gear online. In addition, Digital technologies assist manufacturers in increasing operational effectiveness and streamlining many business processes, including supply chain management and product development.

Numerous benefits of advanced manufacturing technologies include their ability to help businesses unleash digital business models, adapt to changes more quickly, or even predict changes before they happen. All of these benefits are critical to manufacturing.

Razorleaf Corporation, a product life cycle management (PLM) consulting and systems integrator, collaborated with iBASEt, a company that simplifies how sophisticated products are built and operated, to drive digital transformation for manufacturers to more efficiently bring new products to market.

The collaboration brings together two established manufacturing transformation leaders to provide strategic consulting, deployment, and technical services based on iBASEt's Solumina iSeries platform, an industry-leading software solution that simplifies complex manufacturing, quality, & MRO processes are managed & improved to support Industry 4.0 strategies.

"Razorleaf's expertise in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Integration represents an expansion of our customer value," said Daniel Flick, VP of Global Alliances, iBASEt. "PLM data is fundamental to complex manufacturing operations, which rely on accurate, real-time engineering and production specifications. Successful Industry 4.0 initiatives drive the highest value when enabling a consistent digital thread across disparate systems. Razorleaf shares our vision to support product and operations innovation and help manufacturers accomplish their digital transformation initiatives."

"Our iBASEt partnership expands our application and technical expertise beyond PLM and Integration to encompass MES, MRO and Supply Chain -- which is a natural progression of how manufacturers are evolving their product processes into manufacturing," said Razorleaf CEO Eric Doubell. "This partnership opens new opportunities for our global clients who are considering expanding smart manufacturing initiatives to embrace the shop floor, supply chain and MRO. We look forward to working closely with iBASEt and delivering success for their customers."