FREMONT, CA: For manufacturers, the feasibility of a product’s profit point most often boils down to complexity, expenditure, and turnaround time. Whether it is aerospace or engine parts, impellers or propellers, and if the product is being manufactured in-house or outsourced, the end goal remains the same— to bring the three factors down to optimal levels. Alongside this, the entire production process needs to have a system that is repeatable and not just about the end product itself.

Complexity Is Not An Issue for CNC Precision Engineering

The most attractive aspect of CNC machining that has provided manufacturers with a means to access inexpensive production options is that it can handle exceedingly complex projects and do so with complete high-tech, systematic uniformity. Because of the precision attainable with CNC machining, the process can produce multifaceted shapes that can be almost unfeasible to achieve with manual machining and is also used in the production of many complex three-dimensional shapes.

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Reduced Potential For Defects and Errors

Another reason why CNC precision machining has become the norm in the industry is due to its product-to- product variations and low manufacturing defect possibilities. In essence, the capability is a derivative from the primary reason why the metal machining process was primarily developed, as CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. Besides, the instance is also why CNC machining production has traditionally offered manufacturers with lower expenses than what the analog method-based manual machine shops once provided.

CNC machining is capable of putting the practice into virtual automation, whether the project needs a batch of ten propellers, or an automaker placing an order for 10,000 engine parts. The CNC machine will run 24/7 and will preserve the same production quality and rate. Additionally, as CNC technologies have significantly improved within the last decade, it is no longer a cost-prohibitive option for smaller manufacturers and startup businesses to explore.