Darryl Presti, Co-Founder, Presti IndustriesDarryl Presti, Co-Founder
Presti is recognized as a leading global supplier of retreading envelopes with a history of innovation and responsive service that can be traced back to its beginnings in 1975. During the years that followed it has introduced and patented a number of innovative sealing systems that are used by a majority of the world’s leading tire/tread manufacturers.

These sealing systems include an active seal system used by companies that include Bridgestone®, Bandag®, Goodyear®, and a number of other manufacturers. The company also manufactures and markets a passive seal system used domestically by Michelin®, as well as widely employed on a global basis. Further, Presti Industries is the source of envelopes for the rim and tube system that has found broad application in many emerging global markets. These innovative systems are paired with high quality, Presti Industries QuickDraw® valves.

Presti is responsible for nine United States patents, including the form fitting inside envelope, a seamless retreading envelope and a rubber wick pad. Development of these products, and others like them, can be traced to the company’s policy of a complete in-house capability that encompasses, product design, R&D, manufacturing and stringent quality control measures.

All of these products are supported by a straightforward, highly effective approach to customer service. Presti Industries has learned that the best way to continue to improve its products is to listen to its customers and then meet and exceed their needs with a line of products that are recognized for their innovation, quality, value and performance throughout the industry.

Here are the company products: Retread Envelope Solutions: Presti envelopes set a new performance standard. Presti’s re-engineered envelopes are significantly lighter than the originals. We increased the elastic properties and made it easier to use without sacrificing durability. We also improved its thermal conductive properties decreasing the time to transfer heat during the curing process.
We optimized our envelope sizing to deliver a superior fit while minimizing inventory requirements of different sizes.

QuickDraw® Valves: All of Presti outside envelopes come standard with our QuickDraw® Valve and an integrated Barcode Tag at no additional cost. The valve is engineered to deliver ease of use and superior performance. The large 60mm diameter base has an integrated vacuum manifold and is cross drilled to deliver a QuickDraw when pulling a vacuum.

SureSeal Rings: Presti Industries SureSeal Rimless System is superior by design. The SureSeal Rubber Ring is seamlessly molded and form fits the bead area of the tire for a SureSeal. Designed to be 100% compatible with the industry’s most popular rimless system and outperforms the competition in both low and high-temperature systems.

Our key advantage in this sector is our brand. We have decades of experience. We built the Presti brand on listening to our customers, innovation, quality, performance, and value

Envelope Barcode Tags: The envelope barcode tag serializes the envelope with a unique identification. The barcode can be used to provide envelope performance data and traceability for quality control systems. The barcode tag uses a 128 Code and is human-readable. All of Presti outside envelopes come standard with a barcode tag at no additional cost.

Looking Forward to Continued Growth & Success

“Much of Presti Industries’ success is due to value, performance and persistent quality,” says Barry Presti, the Managing Partner of Presti Industries. “We have built a reputation as an innovator. We have over 70 years of experience within the company in this very specific niche of enveloping and sealing systems technology.”

“Our experience in this sector is one of our key advantages,” adds Darryl Presti, the Co-Founder of Presti Industries. “Also important is our willingness to develop new products according to the demands of the market.”

Having achieved major growth since its inception, the company is now looking forward to continued sales growth and brand development in 2023. The company is now looking to make additional investments to achieve future growth. These investments will help the company continue its plans to push further into the market and achieve growth, both domestically and internationally.