Peter Feil, General Manager, STOBER DrivesPeter Feil, General Manager
STOBER Drives, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality gearboxes and servo motors with more than 80 years of gearing experience. With two unique lines in motion control and power transmission, the company serves customers in a variety of end-market, including the automotive, life sciences, consumer goods, packaging, aerospace, and food & beverage.

“Together with our customers and partners, we aspire to develop innovative products and strive for top performance. To accomplish this, we provide drive, gear, and automation system solutions,” says Peter Feil, General Manager, STOBER Drives.

With the broad range of drive components and the highest level of design capability imaginable, STOBER is the customer’s first call for precision drives and motion control. From the gearbox and geared motor to open-loop or closed-loop control to intuitive design software, the STOBER package offers interfaces, functionality, and components.

The company— headquartered in Germany with a production and sales office in the USA —is committed to providing technically sound and proven automation drive solutions to the OEM marketplace. Built upon decades of tradition, they have established their unique planetary and helical bevel gearboxes, synchronous servo motors, and drive electronics. These product lines offer an uncompromised platform in providing precision drive solutions.

STOBER’s Servo solutions range from planetary gearheads to helical bevel gearboxes to hollow bore motors to rack and pinion solutions. Its gear reducers for NEMA motors are built to withstand harsh conditions. Additionally, STOBER gears are permanently lubricated and do not leak oil. The gears not only save downtime and maintenance expenses, but they are also up to 97 percent efficient, which saves money on energy.

To elaborate on the company’s value proposition, Feil shares a story of their engagement with a very well renowned beverage company. The client had multiple sites and faced gearbox failures at a rate of approximately one per year causing various business processes to become unavailable.

Together with our customers and partners, we aspire to develop innovative products and strive for top performance. To accomplish this, we provide drive, gear, and automation system solutions

They also had 300 different part numbers of gearboxes in their storerooms and faced difficulty in maintaining them. This resulted in significant losses in unplanned downtime. STOBER resolved their issue and was able to reduce the various gearbox part numbers from 300 to 35. And instead of gearboxes failing once per year, it lasted an average of 9.1 years in a 24/7 harsh washdown environment.

As an employee-centric organization, STOBER prioritizes development and growth opportunities for every staff member. While developing the best products possible is vital for the organization, they know the greatest secret to their success is employees. They believe staff development is the most important component of their firm, and their different development programs are a primary determining factor in current and future performance. “People development” is one of their business initiatives, equally or more significant than product development, technology, etc. Once someone is employed at STOBER, they are very intentional about continuing their personal development. While being a niche player in the global automation market with a lot of room for expansion, STOBER wants to continue to focus on its key competencies to continue growing. To stay ahead of the competition, they are increasing the automation of their procedures and focusing more on e-commerce. “We accept responsibility for the wellbeing of people and the environment and are committed to long-term success and sustainable growth,” concludes Feil.