Tim Harper, President and CEO, Taylor Gleason EnterprisesTim Harper, President and CEO
Twenty years ago, Daphne Taylor started Namaste Foods, an allergen-free co-manufacturing facility, upon watching a friend struggle to find food products for her child with allergies. As people with extreme sensitivities to certain edibles are susceptible to accidental consumption of products with allergens, the idea behind the company’s founding was to create formulations that were not only allergen-free but also produced and packed in a safe environment.

A decade into its existence, Daphne found that it was hard to prevent cross-contamination of processed products as some co-packing partners could not guarantee the adulteration of the anti-allergen foods that were being sent to the end-market. Taking charge of the situation, Daphne expanded on her business and founded Taylor Gleason Enterprises, a co-manufacturing facility in Northern Idaho committed to non-allergen products and zero tolerance for cross-contamination. “We are a dedicated facility that does not run any type of products other than those deemed to be allergen-free and void of the top 14 allergens,” says Tim Harper, President and CEO at Taylor Gleason Enterprises.

From concept through end-packaging, Taylor Gleason Enterprises has an R&D team that not only assists in developing allergen-free recipes for its clients but also ensures that the actual mix is quality tested and delivered in the right type of packaging. As stringent guidelines continue to make their way into the co-manufacturing sector, Taylor Gleason Enterprises tests every product before it goes into a package, in order to assure that expectations and strict requirements for quality are met without any margin for error.

Free from allergens such as gluten, kosher grain, and non- GMO products, Taylor Gleason Enterprises is a certified, organic, and Safe Quality Food (SQF) level two certified facility. As the co-manufacturing plant is subject to annual audits from regulatory boards, every operational process undergoes double checks with regards to the receiving, blending, production, and testing cycles as well as quality and final packaging.
To aid clients in saving shipping costs, the co-manufacturing facility also provides warehouse services and has set up a logistics department that has the ability to generate purchase orders, hold inventory, and directly ship products to the market shelves.

Once a new client partners with Taylor Gleason Enterprises, they are introduced to an internal team via a video conference. Through these engagements, the firm brainstorms with its stakeholders to understand the actual prerequisites, followed by the creation of best practices to bring the allergen-free food product to market. Taylor Gleason also offers marketing services in delivering the final artwork that discloses the nutritional panels, UPC development, and other required information in a creative and articulate manner, reassuring clients’ adherence to the necessary industry regulations.

At Taylor Gleason Enterprises, trust in a working relationship is equally as important as the price to produce a commodity; to guarantee clients receive bestin- class customer service, the company employs a team that is always ready to address queries if and when they arise. The antiallergen food product co-manufacturer invests substantially in its throughput and believes its true strength comes from the workforce and processes they oversee and perform.
  • We are a dedicated facility that does not run any type of other products other than those deemed to be allergen-free and void of the top 14 allergens

With over 30 years of experience in the commercial baking industry and having held many top-level executive positions, Tim Harper is excited about the future prospects at Taylor Gleason Enterprises. “For the next two years, we will actively be seeking to expand our operation and develop additional lines of activity to capitalize on production efficiencies,” concludes Harper.