The collective move towards globalisation has helped reduce operational costs and increased profit margins for enterprises seeking greater efficiency. However, many organisations began reshoring their production due to geopolitical factors, rising supply chain challenges, and growing freight costs. Nevertheless, the increased costs of reshoring and the difficulty of hiring experienced personnel drive the need for higher automation.

Supporting companies in these efforts is TKH: a leading technology provider of advanced and software-driven Vision, Manufacturing and Connectivity solutions. TKH names these solutions SMART as the hardware is paired with highly intuitive proprietary software. These products are built to seamlessly integrate with a client’s operational technology systems and improve their operations’ efficiency, security, safety, and sustainability as production & monitoring costs are reduced, and production errors are eliminated.

TKH has many skilled companies under its aegis, specialising in certain technologies and specific niche markets. One of the core technologies encompasses Vision Technology. TKH has, for instance, a leading one-stop-shop Machine Vision proposition that is backed by multiple Machine Vision companies, each with their unique technologies and market expertise. Including, for example, 2D ultra-high-speed and resolution cameras that leverage application-specific propriety (ASIC) technology and leading tailored 3D Vision solutions to optimise production processes and lower production costs for various industries.

Another key technology segment within TKH is Smart Manufacturing systems. TKH has companies that are experts in the field of engineering smart manufacturing solutions. For example, VMI, a member company, develops and markets fully-automated machines for cars and truck tire production. VMI has become the global market leader due to its innovation power in combination with vision technology provided by sister companies of TKH. This is an excellent example of the successful integration of Machine Vision technology and Smart manufacturing expertise to reach unprecedented levels of automation.
The key discerning factor that sets TKH apart from the competition is its ability to combine various technology offerings within the group to scale and accelerate the fulfilment of customer needs. TKH possesses decentralised research and development hubs to create tailored software solutions for its customers. The decentralised R&D hubs work closely with a centralised team of specialised software and artificial intelligence experts; this highly-qualified group then oversees operations to ensure an uninterrupted, well-coordinated, and productive collaboration between departments across all enterprises.

“On one hand, we have decentralised teams with specific niche market expertise, which allows us to be close to the market and better understand customer needs. On the other hand, TKH has a centralised structure providing an environment of learning and sharing best practices and allowing to scale and accelerate quickly.

We help enterprises unlock the full potential of successful reshoring and smart manufacturing with high levels of flexibility and efficiency

This is key in supporting our customers in their ambitions.” states Harm Voortman, executive board member of TKH. Moreover, TKH can accommodate large-sized manufacturers and high-volume requests on a global scale at a moment’s notice. TKH continuously strives to effectuate seamless manufacturing processes for clients in every corner of the world and is laser-focused on its R&D programs concerning smart software development.

Successfully enabling reshoring in the Western world requires higher levels of productivity, a sufficient number of highly skilled and experienced people, and lower capital expenditure levels to reach similar efficiencies. Therefore, implementing the next level of automation solutions is the most logical and perhaps the only way for companies to achieve high manufacturing efficiency, lower capital expenditures, and a vital level of competitiveness. Moreover, providing the next level of automation solutions is exactly where the smart technology systems and expertise of TKH excel. Therefore, it is an excellent building block for companies to successfully enable reshoring and achieve smart manufacturing at its best.