Steve Davis, Operations Manager at Jetstream of Houston, Jetstream of HoustonSteve Davis, Operations Manager at Jetstream of Houston
A pioneer in industrial cleaning and surface prep solutions,” is a statement that perhaps best sums up Jetstream of Houston, a division of Federal Signal Corporation. Founded in 1976, the company has gained a strong reputation for its excellence in manufacturing high-pressure, industrial water blasting solutions for industrial cleaning, surface preparation, hydro-demolition, and abrasive water jet cutting. Jetstream’s portfolio entails a full range of products, including skid and trailer-mounted pump units, control guns, valves, hoses, fittings, replacement parts, to nozzles—developed to address the toughest high-pressure water blasting needs in the market. “We’re always committed to our customers and are responsive to their varying needs,” says Steve Davis, Operations Manager at Jetstream of Houston.

From product design to manufacturing, Jetstream has always valued its clients’ needs above all else to deliver robust solutions that best fit their business objectives. Needless to say, this client centric philosophy continues to drive the company and its pursuit of building products that enhance performance, productivity, and safety. Jetstream’s products are also highly sought after for their reliability, ease of use and maintenance, minimal downtime, and quick training capabilities. What helps it maintain a prominent position in the industry is its ability to deliver unparalleled customer services, owing to its unrivaled in-house capabilities and large inventories of water blasting equipment in North America. The company also offers comprehensive aftermarket product offerings and support, helping achieve a sustainable experience with Jetstream’s product suite.

Aspiring to serve as a partner of choice for its customers, Jetstream continues to enhance its value proposition from both people and process perspectives while leading the market with its innovations and unmatched services. The company recently developed a novel self-powered rotating nozzle called DrillJet, which can be used for removing deposits in tubes by connecting it to their existing high-pressure pumps.

It is a reliable, productive, and cost-effective alternative to traditional tube cleaning solutions that require external rotating components. While embracing all the key features of Jetstream’s product suite, DrillJet enables clients to eliminate the need for maintenance and provides extremely long life.
Jetstream continues its innovative journey with the introduction of 5200 Series Bareshaft Pump that can handle input power up to 400 hp, filling a huge gap in its product suite. Dubbed as the industry’s most advanced and efficient compact waterblast pump, it serves as a cost-effective alternative that delivers high levels of power, helping address clients’ operational requirements more conveniently. “Product development is a continuous process at Jetstream, and we are always committed to bring innovations that empower our customers to be more efficient, effective, and ultimately competitive,” mentions Davis. By constantly assessing clients’ needs and recent trends in the market, the company continues to bring new products to the table and enhance its existing ones to dovetail with their business improvement goals. It’s also making significant investments in the processes to improve product quality and lead times while mitigating challenges pertaining to supply chain constraints.

  • We’re always committed to our customers and responsive to their varying needs

Behind the success of Jetstream lies its team of experts who go over and beyond the market norms to meet customer expectations. The team adopts a highly collaborative and value-based organizational culture that helps hold themselves close to the company and its mission of adding value to clients’ operations. Having such a positive and productive work environment helps Jetstream recruit new talents and retain its existing workforce while staying true and responsive to its clientele. The company continuously invests in its people and trains them to ensure that they are always on the top of the competition.

“Over the years, we’ve grown in scope and operation. But, our mission remains the same. We always strive to serve the industry as the leader and the most responsive company with our easy-to-use and maintain, cost-effective, and value-added product suite,” concludes Davis.