Tom Puza, President, TelamonTom Puza, President
The automotive industry has come a long way from a simple four-wheeled vehicle to modern engineering marvels and electric vehicles (EV). Today, as modern vehicles use a greater number of electrical components than before, there is a massive change in their cabling. The traditional forms of wiring are mainly being replaced with a cable harness, as it improves an automobile’s ability to distribute electrical signals efficiently. However, implementing a new solution comes with its own inherent complexities.

The wire harness is the nervous system of automobiles, consisting of wire and connector assemblies of multiple sizes and shapes. Assembling such cables with connectors requires high-level skills and a lot of time. In most cases, large wire harness manufacturing companies act as the backbone of giant original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in implementing cable harnesses. However, tier 1 component suppliers are the ones that are left behind. As they lack the necessary expertise and resources in electrical design or harness manufacturing, they struggle with the implementation of cable harness.

Helping such tier 1 suppliers and OEMs assemble and deploy cable harnesses is Telamon, one of the leading wire and cable solution providers. Telamon, which means ‘support’ in Greek, truly lives up to the name by supporting present-day automobiles and their increasing demand for wired mobility solutions by manufacturing wiring harnesses. “There is a steep increase in the number of electrical components in automobiles. Tapping into our 30-year heritage in the field, we at Telamon bring value to our customers looking to get their components electrified,” says Tom Puza, president of Telamon.

Founded in 1985, Telamon initially focused on providing a variety of enabling services for big telecom giants and later ventured into industrial solutions comprising wire harness manufacturing and kitting in assembly. Backed by the idea of enabling connectivity, the company drove the telecom services side of the company towards 5G and wireless solutions. They also shifted their conventional automobile services to the electrification of power trains and vehicular systems. To augment their services portfolio, later in 2014, Telamon acquired a small wire harness company in Dayton, Ohio (Westbrook Manufacturing), which provides jumper harnesses in airbag modules and cars. Today, Telamon is renowned as one of the promising and largest companies in the wires and cables industry. The company designs, builds, and installs telecommunication networks enabling connectivity in all forms, from traditional mobile phone usage and connectivity in stadiums, hospitals, and schools, all the way down to connected safety in cars with its industrial manufacturing of wire harnesses for airbag and seatbelt applications.
The company facilitates automation by electrifying and linking the new age sensors in the automobile and heavy machinery industry in compliance with the industry 4.0 initiative while enabling connectivity for the next generation vehicles. This allows automobile companies and OEMs to use connectivity with the help of sensors and controlled area network (CAN) bus protocols.

The success mantra of Telamon is delivering high-quality products and services to meet customer needs within the stipulated time. Tom explains, “When consumers buy an expensive car with advanced features and functionalities, they expect everything to be of high-quality.” With that in mind, the company focuses on designing and delivering defect-free products. This is accomplished by their continuous end-of-line testing and validation, which ensures zero defective parts tested per million (also known as Zero PPM). By delivering quality products with ISO-9001 2015 and IATF 16949 certifications, the company eliminates huge losses incurred due to recall or field correction.

There is a steep increase in the number of electrical components in automobiles and we at Telamon hope to be a value to our customers looking to get their components electrified

Telamon’s team includes industry experts recruited from larger companies and instills core values such as honesty, harmony, simplicity, and stewardship. Armed with such specialists, the company is able to provide jaw-dropping responsiveness and quick order-to-delivery turnaround times, which is a key differentiating factor compared to other players in the market. “This type of hiring allows us to take advantages of what we do best such as delivering zero defect products, extraordinary responsiveness and more,” explains Tom.

With such competency and expertise, Telamon aspires to be a household name and be recognized as the premier global provider of auxiliary wiring harnesses in the automotive and transportation industry. Furthermore, the company seeks to achieve a global presence by expanding its base of operations to Europe and Asia. From the product perspective, the company is interested in venturing into the global automotive powertrain market. As a company that looks for constant growth, Telamon’s continued focus has been to develop long-lasting relationships with its customers and support them through all aspects of their business. By providing quality cable harnesses to the automotive industry, Telamon aims to reach new heights and make driving a seamless experience.